7 Amazing Things You Should do in Vegas

For many visitors, Las Vegas is a place to splash out and blow off some steam. It’s true, anything goes in Sin City and even the prospect of spending an obscene amount of money in just a few days is perfectly normal. But what amazing things should you actually do in Las Vegas?

Depending on your ability to play poker or win on the slot machines in Vegas (great list here), there are much less expensive ways to spend time. More importantly, there is so much more to see and do and gambling is something you can do anywhere.

After all, online gambling is something you can do from anywhere and at anytime!

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most amazing things that you should in Las Vegas:

7 Amazing Things You Should do in Vegas

1. Take in the City View with Either Cocktails or Thrills

Skyfall at Delano is arguably the most impressive place to drink in the city views in Las Vegas. If staying at the hotel, you can enjoy a free nightly champagne but you need not be a hotel guest to sample the cocktails. On the other hand, no cocktails are needed to appreciate the cityscape from on top of the Stratosphere. As you may know, this is also home to the X-Scream roller coaster and an incredibly exciting ride that extends out over the edge of the tower. Anyway, taking in the city views from either the Delano or Stratosphere is always a worthwhile thing to do in Las Vegas.

2. Visit Topgolf – the Golf Experience that Everyone Enjoys

TopGolf is a unique attraction at which you can compete against family or friends in the most fun way possible. Although this may look similar to a driving range, every golf ball has a microchip which enables players to compare shots and create fun team games in much the same way as bowling. In between rounds, there is an impressive food court to enjoy, while several bars and swimming pools can also be found nearby. Now, it must also be said that even those who may not relish the prospect of playing golf tend to appreciate the fun and laid-back nature of TopGolf. Also, there is plenty more to do at TopGolf which makes this a great spot for spending an afternoon or evening in Sin City.

3. Take Time to Research Places to Eat

You don’t need to visit “The Kitchen” by Gordon Ramsay to appreciate the food experience in Vegas. Ghost Donkey at the Cosmopolitan is a more affordable eatery and the Heart Attack Grill downtown is a haven for meat lovers. Sara’s at the Palms is another great spot for BBQ, while Bavette’s at the MGM is one of the best steakhouses in town. Anyway, the point is, there are so many places to eat in Vegas and a little research should take you to some of the most memorable eating experiences.

4. Take a Day Trip to the Grand Canyon

While many people choose to take week-long road trips to the Grand Canyon, you might want to consider a day trip. In other words, you can actually visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas in just one day and witness one of the most majestic sights on the planet. Just so you know, it takes 4 hours to reach the Grand Canyon by car and most organized tours will also offer you an opportunity to take a helicopter ride for a Birdseye view. Given this will also involve a return trip, visiting the Grand Canyon from Vegas will require a full day but this round trip is more than worth the effort.  On your way you can check out great options like https://s-bobet.com. Definitely consider an adventurous whitewater rafting trip for memories you will never forget!

5. Go Shopping with a Difference at the Container Park

Officially known as the Downtown Container Park, you will find this open-air shopping outlet has every last designer item and fashion brand that you can imagine. 

Lucian Marinescu, partner at Online Casino Gems, and a frequent Las Vegas visitor, is a huge fan of the Container Park:

“This is a place to shop for any other product and features a gourmet fast food area which never fails to disappoint. In fact, even the kids will love the Downtown Container Park, for there is an excellent interactive playground called the Treehouse and an interactive game station at the Dome. What’s more, you will also find chocolate, ice cream and treats at every turn which makes this a great place for families in particular. It’s a perfect family getaway for all.”

6. The Best Shows to Visit in Las Vegas in 2019

You must already know about the many shows in Las Vegas. Simply put, this is the number one alternative to gambling and what makes Vegas stand out from the crowd. Whether you wish to witness magic or acrobatics, there is something different about each one and here are just a few of the best shows to see in Las Vegas in 2019:

Absinth – Located at Caesars Palace, Absinthe is a very funny and proactive show in which the host embarks on a relentless tirade of roasting. That being said, if easily offended, this is not the show for you.

La Reve (The Dream) – Le Rêve is one of the most action packed shows in Vegas and uses a range of costumes and water features to dazzle the audience. Featuring singing, comedy and lots of swimming – La Reve has it all!

Lady Gaga Jazz & Piano – Lady Gaga fans won’t want to miss this one. However, just about anyone can appreciate the musical talent on show and the grand stage to showcase the current Queen of pop.

Mat Franco – After winning Americas Got Talent, Mat Franco went on to become one of the most famous magicians in Vegas. Although humorous at times, Franco captivates his audience using a long lineup of edge-of-the-seat tricks and mind games.

Needless to say, any show in Vegas is worth the entrance fee!

7. Go Downtown to See the “Other Side” of Las Vegas

Downtown Vegas is re-born in many ways. At one time, this was a place to avoid but this now offers a very alternative view of the city. Whether you venture to Zak Bagan’s Haunted Museum, the Mob Museum or one of the many more museums, there is something interesting on show for everyone. Meanwhile, the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center is home to some of the most vibrant performances in Vegas. And then there’s the Slotzilla Zip Line where visitors can travel across the strip on a zip line while marveling at the lights, people and bustle on the pavements below. Finally, you can also find some of the oldest casinos in Vegas In the downtown area.

What about you? Have you any favourite things to do in Vegas? 

Parks and Recreation 

There are 68 parks in Las Vegas. Angel Park Golf Club, Desert Pines Golf Club, Durango Hills Golf Club, and the Las Vegas Municipal Golf Course are four golf courses in that the city owns the land but does not operate. In addition, it is in charge of 109 skate parks, six swimming pools, six community centers, 23 softball fields, 10 football fields, 44 soccer fields, 10 dog parks, and 123 playgrounds.


Visitors and locals may both use the numerous transportation choices in Las Vegas.

  • Taxi – You may call a taxi on the street or find one at a designated taxi stands anywhere in Las Vegas. The city is home to a number of taxi firms, such as Yellow Taxi, Whittlesea Blue Cab, and Desert Cab.
  • Ride-hailing services – Uber and Lyft are two well-known ride-hailing services that are accessible in Las Vegas. These may be accessible using the appropriate smartphone applications.
  • Cars for Rent – Automobile rentals are a popular choice for travelers to Las Vegas. There are various rental vehicle firms located at the McCarran International Airport, as well as across the city.
  • Monorail – The Las Vegas Monorail is an elevated railway system that travels down the Las Vegas Strip and stops at important hotels and tourist destinations. Every day from early morning until late at night, the monorail is in operation.
  • Bus – In and around Las Vegas, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) runs a network of buses. Along the Las Vegas Strip, there is a well-liked double-decker bus called The Deuce.
  • Tram – The Mandalay Bay Tram, Mirage Tram, and Park MGM Tram are just a few of the trams that run along the Las Vegas Strip to connect different hotels and casinos.
  • Walking – The nearly 4-mile-long Las Vegas Strip, which has a wide variety of sites and attractions, is chosen by many tourists. But bear in mind that Las Vegas can become quite hot, particularly in the summer, so make sure you drink plenty of water and wear comfortable clothing.
  • Bicycle – RTC Bike Share, a bike-sharing service in Las Vegas, lets tourists hire bicycles for an hour or a whole day. The program comprises various bike stations situated across the city.