Qualities of a Good Family Attorney

It is always going to be a challenge choosing the right family attorney for your case. It can be a stressful endeavor, especially if you’re not sure what you should be looking out for in an attorney. Lawyers have a reputation of being untrustworthy driven by nothing other than money. This isn’t true because there are attorneys out there who care about their reputation and would not want to do things that could jeopardize their career. There are some key qualities you should be looking out for in a family attorney and we’re going to highlight some of them here.


Integrity is a big deal when working with a family attorney. It should be one of the key traits to look out for when hiring an attorney. A good attorney will be honest with you about the merits of a case. You don’t need a cheerleader when you’re dealing with a serious case. You can imagine a scenario where you go to the doctor.

Instead of running a diagnosis and coming up with a treatment, all they tell you is that you’re fine and you should trust their word. It will be hard to stay calm when you know there is a problem but the attorney doesn’t want to acknowledge it. The attorney should provide the information that is needed so that you’re sure that you’re moving in the right direction.


You can learn about the diligence of an attorney when you reach out to them for the first time. How long did it take for you to be connected to the attorney? Was the lawyer friendly and knowledgeable when answering your questions? Was the lawyer keen on letting you know how much it would cost you for the case? A good attorney shouldn’t be concerned about the money when you first reach out to them. Instead, they should offer possible solutions to your dilemma. If it is a divorce case, the family attorney will play an advisory role for the most part. The attorney will make an effort in inviting you for a consultation so that you can deliberate further on the case.

Communication Skills

Having an attorney who is open and transparent with the communication process is crucial for the success of your case. Lawyers have a reputation for being poor at communication. The family attorney that you’re working with should be easily accessible. If it is a divorce case, you’ll want to be updated on the progress regularly. They should get back to you immediately if they were unreachable when you had tried to contact them.


Objectivity goes beyond the attorney giving you the strengths and weaknesses of the case. They should also be able to provide an analysis of the steps that should be taken in order to improve the outcome. There are law firms All Family Law Group, P.A. that are thoroughly objective and open with all the possible outcomes of the case.


This is a virtue that a lot of attorneys seem to lack. A lawyer that easily loses patience will not be the right fit for you. You can test the patience of the attorney when asking them questions. A good attorney will enthusiastically answer your questions, even if they might appear to be silly. They will not be bothered when you ask a lot of questions because they’re aware that you might not know a lot about the case. You could be going through a difficult time emotionally and the last thing you’d want to deal with is an attorney that is impatient.  Its important find the right one who isn’t thinking about choosing a second career for Lawyers.


Experience is one of the main traits you should be looking out for when searching for a family attorney. Courtroom experience is also important as the case could go to trial. There are some attorneys that are good with negotiations but have never argued a case in front of a jury. You can gauge the experience of an attorney by looking at their past clients. An attorney that has nothing to hide will be more than willing to provide references. Make sure to ask for references for cases that are similar to yours.  Be sure to look for a firm like www.toddlandgren.com for the right kind of experience.

Documents Preparation

Your attorney should have prepared all the paperwork by the time you’re going to court. In most instances, the family judge will make a determination based on the paperwork presented. That is why it is important to look for an attorney that is thorough with the preparation of the documents. A serious attorney will not let the secretary or a paralegal to do all the work.