6 Things First-Time Moms Should Know About Pregnancy

Congrats on the great news! You naturally feel overwhelmed by the contrasting feelings of excitement and fear as you come to this incredible milestone of your life. It is indeed a cathartic moment for first-time would-be moms. As you brim with joy at your waistline, there’s more than a couple of things you should be aware of. Of course, Mr. Google will help you out. Still, this article gets you up and going by telling you something that moms of several children and midwives have learned through their experience. Let’s get to the facts up straight:

1. Sex Can Still Spruce Things Up

Don’t let conventional ideas fool you. Except for the people who have specific doctors’ orders to restrain from sex, the rest of the mommas and dads can enjoy sex normally. It is a different matter altogether that the female partners most probably won’t at all feel anything, but that is the topic of another article altogether. If you have not been feeling sexually inclined due to the painful joints and morning sickness caused by pregnancy. In case you don’t feel so don’t let your excess pounds enrich your love life even further. Pregnancy brings together both the partners and for couples for whom it is the first time, the experience of pregnancy is so wonderfully anxious and happy.

2. You Need To Wash Your Face Regularly

All women receive compliments about their landmark moment in life during pregnancy. One of the most common of such compliments revolves around pregnancy glows. But this might often mean that you look greasy as that is what those pregnancy hormones are doing. Your skin and hair become oily, and you need to wash them regularly as a result. However, this doesn’t make you look any less beautiful because you do.

3. Too Much Googling Can Be Bad

It is very tempting to google anything even remotely similar to a medical symptom during your first pregnancy. It’s only natural to be concerned about yourself and your baby when you are pregnant, but you need to exercise discretion. Remember that it takes years of specialized study to be a doctor and diagnose diseases and health conditions. If you rely only on Google, you will probably think you have a new rare condition every day. Make sure that the information source you do lookup is accurate and reliable. Remember, you can always turn to your doctor if you suspect something strongly.

4. The Smell Is OK

We all know that we smell weird during pregnancy. It’s normal and part of body physiology. But if you are not going to get intimate with your partner, then a daily bath with a mild soap would work for you just fine. Don’t worry that much about what people in your workplace or others might think; it’s your time in the spotlight. Live it up!

5. Don’t Go Overboard Eating Carbs.

You mustn’t let your pregnancy become an excuse to indulge in all sorts of sinful foods. It is easy to do so, and the morning sickness provides the perfect opportunities for such indulgences. Instead, remember to stick to the recommended levels of foods during your pregnancy. Remember doing otherwise may even put the health of your baby at risk.

6. Face The Fact That Your Weight Will Spike

For most women out there, pregnancy also means that they will add up flab in almost all body parts. But your pregnancy weight gain is no reason to feel disappointed and sad. Try to remain healthy during your pregnancy, which will help you shed some of the extra flab when you have had your baby.

7. You Need Two Sets Of Maternity Clothes

Shopping for your maternity clothes is highly confusing. However, with the developments in clothing and fashion, it is now easier than to look beautiful throughout your maternity experience. In this respect, one quick tip is to buy two sets of clothes for the same. As many mothers have found out, cloth sizes are difficult to predict during your pregnancy’s different phases.

The most important thing to note about pregnancy is that it is a time for planning. You ideally want to be prepared for typical pregnancy issues. The internet is an excellent resource for the same. However, don’t go overboard. Here’s to a healthy you and your baby.