Tummy Tuck is Here To Reduce Your Belly Fat

Are you suffering from excess belly fat? If yes, then say goodbye to your belly fat by going for tummy tuck therapy at Dr. Trussler tummy tuck Austin, TX clinic. In scientific terms, the treatment is known as abdominoplasty. This therapy helps to flatten the abdomen, chisel the abs, improve the trunk’s contour, shape the waist line by removing the excess skin, extract the fat, and tighten the muscles.

Types Of Tummy Tuck Surgeries

A tummy tuck therapy is not standard for every individual. It depends on the specific needs of the patient. Depending on the demands put out by the patient, the doctor creates an outline of the therapy in which the doctor decides the areas which need to be tweaked for achieving proper abdominal contouring. During the abdominal contouring process, regions of excess skin, fat deposits, and central muscle laxity are addressed.

There are many different abdominoplasties, and they depend on the presence of areas of excess skin.

1. Endoscopic Abdominoplasty

Anesthesia is given to the patient firstly, and then small incisions are made by the doctor along the pubic bone and around the belly button. Then an endoscope, a lighted tube with a camera at the end, is inserted through the incision, and the surgeon uses long slender instruments to tighten the abdominal muscles.

2. Mini-Abdominoplasty

The therapy is performed on an individual demanding a lower abdominal laxity. The process is exactly similar to the endoscopic abdominoplasty, where the small incisions are made near the belly area, and the middle abdominal area is tightened.

3. Full Abdominoplasty

This procedure addresses both the upper, lower abdomen skin and the fatty area of the waist. This is an endoscopic procedure; an incision is made in the lower abdominal region to remove the excess skin below and above the belly button.

4. Extended Abdominoplasty

The extended abdominoplasty not only contours the abdomen muscles, but it also shapes the thighs and buttocks. Moreover, it also addresses the extra abdominal skin and laxity. This procedure is performed by creating a peripheral waist incision to remove extra skin, lift up the buttocks, and shape the thigh.

Am I A Suitable Candidate For Tummy Tuck Therapy?

This surgery demands a healthy person who has fat areas in his/her body that have not responded to the exercise and diet. Moreover, this therapy is also availed of by many women post their pregnancy. Women should only go for an abdominoplasty when they have decided not to have babies anymore. This therapy can have a reverse effect after a woman gets pregnant.

Furthermore, this therapy can also be used to remove the scars created by C-section or scars caused due to hernias. However, not every type of scar can be treated by this surgery; an upper abdominal and lower umbilical scar gives high risks while healing.

The Recovery Journey After Abdominoplasty

Once the abdominoplasty is done, the patient can experience light soreness and swell for some duration. Hence, you should spend at least one night after the surgery at the care center so that any other complications can be effectively dealt with by the Doctor. Moreover, the mothers should be given proper care for the first two weeks after the abdominoplasty. During recovery, the waist is kept in a flexed position, and a compressive garment is held on the abdomen. Moreover, the stitches are removed after the first week of recovery.

According to doctors, most people get back to spending their regular life post two weeks of the surgery. However, heavy workouts and activities should be avoided for a month, and weight lifting above 30lbs should also be avoided for six weeks post-surgery. If all this is done with utmost sincerity, then the body will evolve from the surgery stage in 3 months. Moreover, the recovery duration also varies for every individual due to the immunity and body structure difference. So if a person is not getting the results in a month, then that person should remain patient and consult the doctor for further queries.

Choose The Best For Surgery

Since this cosmetic surgery involves several precautions while performing the surgery, you should choose an experienced doctor and a well-equipped clinic for a zero complication surgery. Hence, Dr. Trussler’s cosmetic therapy clinic in Austin, TX, is one of the best choices, as it provides all the facilities required for a complication-free surgery. Dr. Trussler is one of the best Doctors to contact as he is vastly experienced in the field of plastic surgery since 2007. You can contact him by calling at 512-457-1077.