6 Road-Related Dangers You Should Be Prepared To Handle

If you want to avoid a car accident you should be careful while driving and be extremely aware of your surroundings. Isn’t that the most basic advice you have ever heard? If you know anything about driving you know that there are circumstances on the road that are completely out of your control. Here are just a few that you should be ready to deal with that could catch you off-guard and cause damage to you or your vehicle.

1. Large Vehicle Traffic Collisions

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Being involved in a simple car accident can be disastrous, but being involved in a collision with a large vehicle, like a truck or a bus is ten times more dangerous. As can be seen on https://www.stewartlawoffices.net/columbia-personal-injury-lawyer/tractor-trailer-accident, the causes of such accidents are not easy to determine and unfortunately, there is a big chance that the results will be fatal. You need to be extra careful when driving near such a vehicle. Always let it pass you and keep as much control of your driving as you can. Be patient and don’t rush when you’re driving behind them and only increase the speed after they turn off the road.

2. Complications Due to Bad Weather

Even though we almost always, intentionally or not, check the weather before going for a drive, nature is definitely one of the most unpredictable factors. If you get caught in a bad weather storm, the road can get extremely slippery and you could lose control of your car. It is a very common cause of road accidents. Rain and fog also lower visibility. If something like that happens, drive as slow as you can and always keep your headlights on. It is better to arrive late than to slip off the road or have something even worse happen.

3. Sudden Appearance of an Animal on the Road


In the situation when you are driving on a highway, most usually near the forest area, there is a chance that an animal may suddenly appear on the road. The bigger it is the more damage it can cause. It can happen both in the daylight and in the nighttime, however, the second option is much more dangerous. We all know the saying “like a deer caught in headlights.” It could be so sudden that you don’t have time to properly comprehend what’s happening and your instincts kick in. When you find yourself in those areas, try to watch for the road sign that will point out that possibility.

4. Sudden Malfunction

This shouldn’t happen that often if you attend the regular technical inspection. Nonetheless, there is a chance. The best outcome is that your automobile just stops working and you start slowing down and pulling up by the road. On the other hand, you could be driving at a top speed, and your brakes malfunction. That is one of the driver’s biggest fears. That is why you should take good care of your vehicle and drive at the recommended speed. If you get stuck and it won’t turn on, try to get off the road to avoid disturbing the rest of the traffic and call a towing service that can help you bring it to the nearest mechanic.

5. Driving Fatigue

If you are feeling tired or bad in any way avoid sitting behind the steering wheel. Even if you ignore it and think that there is not a chance in the world that you would fall asleep, it could very easily happen. When going on a long trip, the road could become monotonous and your mind could wander off because of that. You lose concentration and awareness of your surroundings. That is a common ground for making mistakes, whether you make them or someone else. If that happens to you don’t continue driving and find a motel to spend a night or buy something that can keep you awake.

6. Changes on the Road

Even if you feel that you know the road on which you are driving perfectly, don’t be overconfident. Constantly watch out for possible changes, like roadwork or even simple bumps. Don’t go over the speed limit and look out for traffic signs. Additionally, it is always a good idea to stay up to date with the traffic news in your area.

Tips for Safe Driving

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When driving, it is essential that you are always safe so that you can avoid road-related dangers. It would be best if you avoided these dangers in the first place so that you don’t need to spend money and time handling disasters after they happen. Here are a few tips for safe driving that will protect you from road-related dangers. 

Just Drive

If you are distracted when driving, you won’t be a safe or aware driver, preventing you from anticipating potential hazards. Therefore, it is best that you should just drive when you are in a vehicle and not multitask. Many people reason away texting when driving as tasks that take seconds. Still, those seconds can lead to car crashes and other road-related dangers. The best practice is to do nothing when you are on the road except drive. 

Avoiding Fatigued Driving

The more tired you are, the harder it will be for you to recognize warning signs and the slower your response will be. As a driver, you must realize when you are fatigued and stop driving. Suppose you are repeatedly yawning, nodding off briefly, or switching from lane to lane. In that case, you must stop and get some sleep before you continue driving. 


Speeding is one of the most common reasons people get into a car crash. This is because stopping when you are driving at high speed, or swerving can be extremely difficult, which makes car crashes much more common. You will also find it very hard to avoid a pedestrian if you are driving at a very high speed. Therefore, it is best to keep within the suggested speed limits of a particular road or highway. 


When you are alert and focused on driving, taking quick action to protect yourself from a collision is much easier. Defend refers to an evasive or defensive action you may take to avoid crashing into another car or a pedestrian. Defending is also driving in a manner that prevents these situations from arising in the first place. 

Final Word

If you stay sensible and aware that unpredictable things can happen, you lessen the chance of going through them. Follow the rules of the traffic and never get too cocky. Everyone makes mistakes, but, in these cases, by staying concentrated you can diminish their impact. Have a good backup plan and try eliminating possible distractions in your car. You may not have control over the circumstances, but you have control over how you handle them. If unfortunately your child got involved in a car accident, here are the things that you must do.