How To Do Ab Exercises on a Bicycle

A strong core is important to many types of athletes. It also makes people feel better and stronger and helps them in many aspects of their lives. Some exercises naturally build strong abs, and others not so much. One easy way to tell is to look at good athletes in several sports and glance at their stomachs. Almost all serious swimmers have flat stomachs because the act of swimming tones and strengthens stomach muscles. This is not always the case with bicycle riders. A good, strong biker might have a strong core, or not. With bikes for men as well as other styles a person can do specific things to help strengthen their cores. The core is engaged while biking, but not at a super high level. Here are three ways to increase core activity while biking:

  1. Tighten your stomach muscles when you exhale
  2. Take some weight off your arms and maintain an upright posture
  3. Lift your butt off the seat while maintaining core stability

The Benefits to Other Muscle Groups

In addition to great cardio benefits, riding a bike strengthens your legs, arms, shoulders and neck. There are ways to maximize the benefits to each muscle group, such as riding up hills, doing intervals and adjusting posture. The type of riding you do also determines to some extent your fitness level. When looking for a hybrid bicycle for sale you are searching for a versatile bike that is at home both on pavement and on many types of trails and gravel roads. This style of riding builds strong legs and can also be good for aerobics, especially when climbing hills. There are many options when looking at hybrid bikes. Fat tire bikes have large tires that can take you through mud, snow and soft sand. They tend to be more stable than bikes with thinner tires, but they also require more energy to go fast and to climb hills. Some hybrids are closer to road bikes, with thinner tires and a lightweight frame. They are suitable to many forms of exercise.

The Advantages for All Bikers

For men and women, the right bike is out there, and your perfect style of riding can be found. Whether you are looking for a hard workout or a leisurely pace that gets you outdoors, you can zero in on your goals with no problem. The selection of a bicycle for ladies is just as numerous as the selection for men. Women’s bikes are available in styles that work on specific muscle groups and those bikes that are designed for comfort and pure enjoyment. It’s just a matter of finding a bike that fits your personality. This could be a beach cruiser made for comfort and fun, or a city bike that can handle the urban world. A commuter bike can take you to work and back with a high level of performance and still have room to carry some of your personal items.

No matter which bike you choose, your fitness level and muscle power will benefit. Shop online today for a new bike for the coming year.