6 Most Dog-Friendly Cities in the United States

There’s no doubt: Americans love their dogs. 68% of American households own a pet and over half are dogs! Our lives revolve around these fun-loving creatures. We wake up early to spend quality time with them before leaving for work, we rush home to let them out, and we stay in on weekend nights to snuggle up and enjoy a little rest and relaxation with our canine companions.

Whether you’re a new dog owner or you have 5 wagging tails at home, you want to be able to include your dog in as many activities as possible. Exploring your city and others with your dog can be some of the most fun you’ll experience.

So, it’s not surprising that cities are becoming more and more dog-friendly. But what cities are the most dog-friendly in the nation?

Portland, Oregon

 Portland has topped the charts of dog-friendly cities for years. This city is known for its quirky personality and easy-going attitude, and it’s activities for four-legged residents are no exception.

So how does Portland measure up? This city has 389 pet-friendly restaurants, 259 pet-friendly hotels, and 52 pet-friendly activities. Portland is known for its parks. There are 5.4 parks for every 100,00 resident. This means you can find the perfect dog-friendly apartment, and hop, skip, and jump down the street to some green space.

Portlanders love their dogs so much, they have an Oregon Humane Society station in the airport. And if you’re into brews and microbrews, Portland has plenty of dog-friendly bars and pubs you can check out!

If you or your dog drink kombucha and likes to meditate all day, then Portland is the perfect place for you and your fuzzy pal.

Austin, Texas

Austin, or as others like to call it “Portland of the South,” takes after its northern counterpart. It offers also of the same dog-friendly activities like bar hopping and dog-friendly-restaurants. Unlike Portland, there’s a different kind of nature Austin resident are privy to.

Austin residents practically hike everywhere such as Lady Bird Lake. And it wouldn’t be uncommon to find a dog enjoying a bit of breeze in his owner’s bike trailer.

Austin boasts 476 pet-friendly restaurants, 471 pet-friendly hotels, 59 dog-friendly activities. This delightful city even has food trucks that offer a dog-only menu. If you find yourself in Austin, you will want to let your dog dive off the dock at Red Bud Isle or check out the many dog-friendly yoga studios.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs makes our list because of its unique offering of dog-fun. If you love adventure and want more than just dog-friendly restaurants, Colorado Springs is sure to make you smile.

If you like a challenge, Pike’s Peak will test your endurance. This hike ends at the 31st highest summit in the Colorado mountains. If you need a little extra motivation, you can bring your dog along for the hike!

You can also investigate Manitou Cliff Dwellings Museum with your pup in-tow. This historic relic is over 800 years old and celebrates the Anasazis’ unique and admirable architecture. 

Asheville, North Carolina

Not only is  Asheville one of the most beautiful cities in the Appalachian Mountain Range, but it is also one of the most dog-friendly. One of our favorite places to eat is Mayfel’s. They offer no-frills food that will keep you coming back. Enjoy their shrimp po’boy with your good boy or brunch with your best friend!

Probably what Asheville dog parents enjoy most is the ability to take their dogs hiking at the numerous dog-friendly hiking trails that surround the city.

With 156 pet-friendly restaurants and 190 pet-friendly hotels, Ashville is a must for dog enthusiasts. 

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque has some of the most eclectic dog activities you’ll find in any city. This fun city lets you enjoy wood oven pizza or tapas with your dog. They also have several dog-friendly breweries that embrace dogs with open arms.  Try Bosque Brewing or Boxing Bear Brewing.

In total, Albuquerque has 174 pet-friendly restaurants and almost 200 pet-friendly hotels. And if that’s not enough, there are 28 dog-friendly activities to keep your pooch entertained. 

Omaha, Nebraska

Whether you like to hike or sip coffee, this city offers that and more AND you can bring your pup along for the adventure. From Nebraska Brewing Company to Finichkt Frank’s, there are numerous options to keep you and your dog relaxed and happy in Omaha, Nebraska.

You can even enjoy farm-fresh fine dining at J Coco with your pup. If you’re in the mood for some of the best food or if you want to visit a fun town, try out Omaha for your next road trip with your dog.

If you already live in Omaha, make sure you have a dog-friendly apartment and can enjoy all the wonderful dog-related fun your city has to offer.

As a dog owner, you need to get out there and enjoy life with your furry best friend! With so many travel options, hit the road, hit the trails, or just relax with a cold brew.  And of course its always important you provide your furry friend with high-quality dry dog food.