7 Fantastic Reasons Why You Should Get a Dog

Dogs have been one of man’s most faithful companions for millennia and it doesn’t look like things are going to change any time soon.

At the last count, there were almost 90 million dogs living it up in homes across the USA and the number of people who choose dogs as their primary pet is increasing.

These canines must be doing something right. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why they’re so popular and why you should get a dog of your own.

1. Dogs are Amazing Companions

Let’s get the obvious thing out of the way first. When you have a dog in your life, you’ll never be alone.

Most dogs see their owners as the beginning and end of the world. It’s a great feeling to receive an enthusiastic greeting when you return from a hard day at the office.

They’re never too busy for a game or a cuddle and they’re always there as a source of comfort when you’re down. Dogs make excellent companions for elderly folk who would otherwise feel all alone in the world.

Likewise, they’re good friends to single people who don’t want to return home to an empty apartment every night.

We’ve all the heard the saying, “If you want loyalty, get a dog”. Well, it’s true.

2. They’re Good For Your Health

Unless you’re allergic to them, dogs are an excellent general health tonic.

Petting your dog lowers your blood pressure, and reduces stress and anxiety. It’s no secret that high blood pressure and stress are both key players in causing heart disease.

The mood-altering benefits of dogs are so well-known that trained animals are now used as therapy animals to combat panic attacks in people with high anxiety or PTSD. Thanks to their mood-boosting abilities, dogs help to comfort you when you’re ill or in pain.

There are numerous studies afoot about how dogs seem able to detect the slightest signs of major illness, diabetic incidents, and epileptic fits way before they become obvious.

3. Dogs Get You Out of the House

According to https://www.puppyjoy.net/, the most popular breeds tend to be working dogs like labradors, german shepherds, corgis, and beagles. These are all high-energy breeds that need regular exercise.

If you want a dog that’s going to keep you on your toes and is also easy to train and manage in public, a working dog is a wise choice. When you’re responsible for exercising a dog, you’ll be off to the park or the beach a lot more often than you usually would.

Who can resist those pleading looks and barks when it’s time for a walk or a game of frisbee?

Dogs are excellent ice-breakers and you’ll probably meet some kindred spirits out on your rounds. Many lasting friendships have resulted from walking dogs.

When you join a puppy training school or dog obedience class, you’ll get a chance to meet plenty of like-minded dog enthusiasts. Training your dog to do amusing and useful tricks is an entertaining pastime.

4. Why You Should Get a Dog for Your Kids

Children and dogs go together like peas and carrots. They can keep each other amused for hours. If you want to get your kid off the couch and out into the garden, getting a dog is the perfect fix.

Compared to other more exotic pets, dogs are easy to care for and easy to please. All they need is enough food and water, a warm place to sleep and infrequent visits to the veterinarian for their shots.

By getting your child a pet, you’re sowing the seeds of responsible behavior. Children that help to bathe, feed and exercise a pet, learn how to consider and care for another living being. Caring for a dog gives children a feeling of purpose and improves their self-confidence.

Dogs make great companions and playmates for an only child, helping to alleviate feelings of loneliness and boredom. They’ll defend your little one from bullies and try their best to keep them out of harm’s way.

5. Dogs are Great for Security

Burglars avoid houses with large dogs and give small yappy dogs a wide berth. With their superior sense of smell, hearing, and sight, dogs are an excellent first defense against intruders.

If someone is daring enough to break into your house while you’re at home, you can count on your dog to defend you as best they can. If there’s no one home, a barking dog raises the alarm for neighbors to check if everything’s okay.

Keeping your dog close can help you feel safe in ordinary situations too, like going jogging or driving at night.

6. A Dog Makes You a Better Person

Thanks to all the above reasons, people who have dogs are calmer and happier. Dogs are so successful at altering the human mind that pet therapy is widely used to treat anxiety and depression as well as improve cognitive function and promote healing.

Dogs never judge which makes them great for boosting your self-esteem and confidence too. If you adopt a rescue dog, watching them change into a healthy and loving pet gives you a great sense of self-worth.

There’s no doubt that when you feel loved, secure, and confident it spills over into your everyday life. Get a canine companion and see what a difference a dog can make.

More About Dogs

Apart from their role as human companions, working dogs provide many important services all over the world. From sheep-herding to police-work, dogs have earned their place at man’s side over and over again.

If you’re a pet owner, you can probably think of at least a hundred more reasons why you should get a dog.

We love everything about dogs too. Keep reading our blog for more interesting information and training tips for the best friend you could ever have.