5 Styling Tips for Modern Family Homes

Whether you’re in the process of giving your first fixer-upper an overhaul, or you’re looking to modernize your family’s traditional home, you have a vision for a sleek, contemporary living space.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 surefire ways to bring a modern look and feel into your home.

1. Sleek Furniture 

A cohesive furniture look can tie a home’s whole aesthetic together, from the living room to the guest room. Modern bedroom furniture is often simple, though perhaps a step above the complete minimalist design you may see elsewhere. No elaborate four-poster beds here! And high-quality modern furniture will last for many years to come.

And because newer styles are less showy, antiques and contemporary designs can easily live side by side. Antique dining chairs are a great addition for your dining area. A sleek bed frame and spread will work with various other pieces, from antique bedside tables and old wall hangings, or keep every piece contemporary to make guests feel like they’re staying in a luxury suite.

2. Kitchen Upgrade 

The most utilized space in a family’s home is split between the kitchen and living room for everything from family dinners to entertaining guests. The kitchen is the hub of any family home.

Creating a contemporary kitchen can include significant upgrades, like granite countertops and new tile flooring. Or you can opt for a few tweaks here and there, such as replacing the hardware or faucets with sleek metal. A contemporary kitchen is bright and airy, so look to bring in lighting that will liven up the space.

3. Natural is Modern 

If you weren’t already obsessed with houseplants before, the past few years have likely turned you into one of the countless new plant parents. Plants take slightly more upkeep than a new dining table, but they are well worth the watering schedule.

It’s no secret that houseplants are not only pleasing visually but also improve your wellbeing. You don’t have to spring for a monstera plant that’ll cost you a small fortune or cover your walls in vines. Succulents and orchids are always a safe starting place to introduce some greenery into your living space.

4. Update Thermostat and Other Hardware

As you begin updating your home with new furniture pieces or introduce some plant life into every free corner, you’ll notice which small details of your old appearance stick out like a sore thumb.

An old thermostat is not only an unnecessary throwback to outdated styles, but it’s likely costing you money. Modern, programmable thermostats aren’t just for show — though they’ll undoubtedly introduce an air of modernity. They also save you money on energy bills.

What’s a contemporary-looking home good for if you’re sweating while you’re in the living room? With an updated thermostat, you can schedule air conditioning to keep the air at a consistent temperature regardless of the season.

5. Open Floor Plan 

If you’re looking for a more substantial makeover for your home or are looking for new homes with a modern look, an open floor plan could be a life-changing aesthetic choice.

The lack of structure may seem intimidating at first, but an open floor plan doesn’t mean an oversized studio apartment appearance.

The only thing required to achieve an open floor plan is the joining of two living spaces. This is most commonly done with an attached kitchen and living room setup. This will open up your home to help it feel more airy and bright — very much in style.

Updating Your Family Home 

Your home is the most important investment you’ll ever make as an individual and for your family. Changing its appearance to suit your modern lifestyle is one of the most fulfilling experiences you can undertake.

Whether it’s a complete overhaul or specific decor choices to tie your living space together, follow these tips to make your home comfortable and contemporary!