Great Ideas For Oak Cabinet Countertops

Oak cabinets are a classic option for spaces at home. A kitchen featuring oak cabinets is timeless from their pleasing natural shade and durability. Besides, homeowners can combine their oak cabinets with countertops to give their kitchen an aesthetic appeal. 

Oak cabinets are available in various hues, from warm coffee brown to beige. Therefore, homeowners have many options for combining countertops with oak cabinets. In this article, we have listed the best kitchen countertop ideas with oak cabinets that can make kitchens look attractive and modern. You may also check out the hottest countertops halifax that will surely add luxury and comfort to your home. 

Kitchen countertop ideas with oak cabinets

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Many homeowners love oak cabinets in their kitchen due to their attractive exterior and mid-level tone. And, also it is prone to dents or scratches. Oak cabinets create a focal point in the kitchen, and they hold up well to wear and tear. 

But, which countertop you should choose that works best with oak cabinets. Read on to learn more about kitchen countertop ideas with oak cabinets : 

White marble countertop 

For people wanting a kitchen design that is both modern and classic, a marble countertop combined with oak cabinets will be a perfect match. Various famous marble used for countertops can add grandeur and elegance to any kitchen. 

When it comes to choosing the color of marble countertops, white is the most popular. However, there are many other shades available to choose from-for instance-light pink, black, or green marble. A white countertop paired with oak cabinets will give a crisp and clean contrast. And it will make the kitchen look more airy and spacious. 

Laminate countertops 

For people who want cost-effective solutions for giving a makeover to their kitchens, laminate countertops work best with their oak cabinets. Laminate countertops give a granite look-alike without the hefty price tag. Homeowners can also opt for laminate countertops with light flecks of gray or brown, creating a white hue or eggshell appearance. 

Faux marble laminate also works best when combined with brown oak cabinets. Again, though, keep in mind the aesthetic of your home before opting for a combination. For instance-if oak cabinets are dark, opt for light-colored laminate countertops to light up the space, or if oak cabinets are of light shade, going for dark laminates works best. 

Oak countertops cabinets 

Combining oak countertop with oak cabinets may seem a bit tad at first, but this combo creates a contemporary and sleek vibe. In fact, oak cabinets work best with various wood types- white oak, maple, cherry, or American walnut. All are creative and unique, perfect for an interior kitchen look. 

For instance, homeowners can try butcher block style- sturdiness and thickness of slabs combined with the rich texture of wood, making it an attractive yet practical countertop option. 

Engineered stone countertops 

Engineered stone, referred to as quartz, is a timeless and elegant countertop to pair with oak cabinets. It looks-alike to granite and marble but is featured with more longevity and durability. Engineered stone is artificial stone created with polymer resin, crushed gravel, or pigment giving it a natural stone look. 

Quartz countertops are also less priced as compared to granite and marble options. In addition, homeowners can try out patterned quartz to highlight the color and character of oak cabinets. Also, there is a wide range of colors available for quartz countertops to choose from. For instance- go cheery and bright by choosing a countertop with a speckled pattern to highlight the tone of oak cabinets or be bold; it is up to the homeowners’ taste. 

Concrete countertops 

Concrete is a natural countertop that makes it perfect to pair with oak cabinets. A concrete countertop will act as a slate in spaces and adds a modern touch of rustic at home. As concrete is poured rather than installed, it can be customized as per the homeowner’s taste and preferences. Choose the thin option to highlight oak cabinets or go extra thick to be more creative.

Factor to consider when selecting kitchen countertop ideas with honey oak cabinets

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Along with selecting the color of countertops, there are many factors that homeowners should consider before selecting the combination of oak cabinets and countertops:

Personal preference

Black marble countertops with wood cabinets may be trendy, but is it a personal preference? While most owners desire to keep up with the latest trends, a customized recommendation may make a home look amazing. As a result, it is preferable to go with personal preferences rather than trendy styles. 

Paint the oak cabinets

Simply painting oak cabinets makes a huge difference in the look of the kitchen interior. Colors such as black, dark blue, gray, cream, or white are some of the trending options and match perfectly with a wide range of kitchen countertop options. 


Lighting changes the appearance of colors. While color may look dark in the natural light, lightning can appear entirely different. Homes receiving a lot of natural light can opt for dark colors. 


While picking out the combination of countertops and oak cabinets, do not forget about the budget you can afford. Wooden and laminate countertops are cheaper than other countertops. So consider the budget before giving your heart to a particular combination. 

Do not ignore other elements in the room

Focusing only on countertops and oak cabinets can ruin the entire kitchen’s look. Do not forget about other elements in the room. For instance, stainless-steel appliances best suit gray-colored countertops and oak cabinets, giving a sleek, modern look. 

Ways To Refresh a Kitchen With Oak Cabinets

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Oak has been a popular choice for kitchen cabinetry because of its gorgeous tinted look. Oak is a hardwood and, if properly taken care of, can be used in contemporary kitchens without overpowering the other elements. However, in today’s kitchen, orange oak cabinets can look decades old, so you may want to incorporate and renovate your kitchen to make it look more modern. Fortunately, there are many ways to refresh a kitchen with oak cabinets. 

Create a Focal Point

Large stretches of oak across your kitchen can become overpowering, so adding a different focal point is best to reduce the focus on the wood. You can create other focal points, such as installing a unique backsplash, a statement hood, or even a patterned rug, if you are on a budget. By adding multiple focal points, you distribute the visual weight allowing your kitchen to look more cohesive. 

Cool Down Oak Cabinetry

Oak cabinets usually have an orange finish that can make your kitchen feel like it is from the 80s or 90s. To tone down the cabinetry, you can use cool tones throughout the rest of the kitchen. Using blues and greens can help your kitchen become more modern as the rich wood tones become more tempered. The best way is to paint your walls either blue or gray; adding accessories in such colors will also help reinforce the effect. 

Pair Oak Cabinets With Light Tones

Since oak gives a more heavy look, choosing light tones for other areas of your kitchen, such as the countertop, walls, and flooring, is best. White is the best idea, but you can also use light blue and green for the same effect. Additionally, shiny surfaces are also a great help in reducing the severity of the oak. This is because it reflects light and brightens up the space.

Paint Your Oak Cabinets

If you want to preserve your oak cabinets but don’t want the orangey hue they are known for, you can paint them in a shade that matches your kitchen. Colors such as cream, white, black, or taupe can help make your cabinets timeless and appealing. 

Final words

Oak Cabinets give a vintage feel to our homes. And, adding countertops with them will give a more modernized look. Homeowners who love the modern yet vintage look in their homes can pair countertops with oak cabinets. Likewise, improving a kitchen’s interior gives the home a more aesthetic appeal.

Don’t wait; start exploring kitchen countertop ideas with oak cabinets. Also, don’t forget to consider the factors before deciding on a particular combination.