5 Star Hotels in Colombo: The Best Places to Stay in Sri Lanka’s Capital

Let your stay in Sri Lanka be luxurious. Discover 5-star hotels in Colombo and make this trip a memorable one.

Ask a traveler about their stay in Sri Lanka, and they will always relate to the cozy beds on the sand or the structured tents in lush forests. Travelers by nature are  always adventurous and want to experience the local atmosphere of a place they visit, the beach or the forests are some of the most frequent places to visit.

But can one experience its full potential by living in  5 Star Hotels in Colombo?

The answer is yes, but only if you are wise enough to select a stay that speaks about the island to its core and at the same time helps you indulge in the local vibes. That tries to blend both luxury and local life is perhaps an adventure in itself.

So, if you are looking for a private and rejuvenating vacation, which at the same time also allows you to experience the local life and nature, here is a call for you. Stay in Uga Residence, the best 5-star hotel in Colombo.

Why Book with Uga Residence?

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  • Why should you settle for Uga Residence?

As unique as it sounds, Uga Residence is a masterpiece positioned between the shady Park Street and the Buddhist temple of Gangarama.

This two-century-old royal abode was originally built by a wealthy barrister named Sheikh Salehboy Moosajee, who welcomed Maharajas, Nobles, and Governors to experience the royalties of Uga Residence.

Situated within the commercial heart of Sri Lanka, this place compels you to explore the hidden gems of Sri Lanka and, at the same time, live a secluded life of a royal.

What makes Uga Residence the best amongst its competitors?

Spectacular location

Uga Residence shares its borders with Park Street and the Buddhist temple of Gangarama. Park street is a great offering for night lovers and awes the visitors through its vibrant colors. Hundreds of people visit the Buddhist temple of Gangarama, yet when you are there, you feel like you are the only human in that temple, giving you time to connect with the divine. Uga Residence is also close to several Colombo city tourist spots and hence is a wise place to stay in.

Experience the royalties

Uga Residence is an 11-suite hotel. The lavish suites allow you to experience the luxurious lifestyle of the wealthy and dignitaries from years past.. These suites are some of the largest in the City center, and are a must stay for those seeking to experience both the island’s old world charm and modern hospitality..

Tourists are always busy exploring newer places, and when they get back to rooms, they need to have a good night of sleep. Uga Residence provides you a perfect combination of solace and privacy to enjoy every bit of your vacation.

Fine dining

Of the many intricacies provided by Uga Residence, its restaurants and the Rare bar and kitchen are an exceptional ordeal one must surely experience when in Uga Residence. The bar is purely rare because it offers a fine line of the largest collection of whiskeys in the capital. Whether you are a whiskey lover or not, this vision will convince your taste buds to shower them with unique whiskey flavors from around the globe.

Take a look at the list of offers you can grab your hands on this year

Early Bird Offer

The season is open with exciting offers. Lay your hands on some amazing discounts. Uga Residence provides an exclusive early bird offer that provides a 30% discount, and this offer is valid until 19th December 2022. The best part is that you can book a minimum of 14 days in advance and enjoy special offers on accommodation, with free Wi-Fi all the time.

Book Now Stay Later offer.

There is an impressive list of stays guaranteed for your vacation. For example, one can select between a 10 Nights/11 Days Immersive Sri Lankan Escapes or 10 Nights/11 Days Seaside Safari Escapes or even a 3 Nights/4 Days Luxury Wild Escapes, all of which offer an advantage of over 50% off.

Last Minute Offer

One can grab a chance to save up to 45% through this offer valid until 19th December 2022. The package includes discounts on accommodation, Welcome drinks, and complimentary Wi-Fi. This offer can be booked 14 days before arrival.

To learn about the terms and conditions, browse through the official website of Uga Residence or even try to ring them to settle all your queries. However, given the COVID-19 pandemic, the country has made some mandates that you need to follow, and hence please ensure that you read them.

The Bottom-line!

The best moments are the ones that are not read but experienced in reality. This article has probably invoked a keen interest in you and has helped you construct an imaginary stay in Uga Residence. So let your thoughts get to reality because you are just a call away. Kindly browse through their website and get in touch with the team to discuss the offers valid for you. If you want to be regularly updated, you can even subscribe to their newsletter.

Make the best out of your stay, and yes, happy vacationing!