5 Energy-Boosting Tips & Tricks for Supermoms On the Go

Although most employers wouldn’t consider motherhood a resume-building experience, the time-consuming and emotionally-taxing nature of motherhood gives professional business people’s weekdays a run for their money. Between school project all-nighters, seemingly endless runny noses, and complex, varying schedules, being a mom is no walk in the park.

Motherhood is an energy-depleting, life-long position that requires unmatched mental and physical stamina. Running on fumes is an everyday occurrence for stay-at-home and working moms al ike, many of whom are bouncing from dance to soccer to band practice while coordinating PTA fundraisers and answering urgent work emails. Mothers from all walks of life can agree they lag behind their childless counterparts in the energy department. The good news is that for every headache-heavy and fatigued-filled day, there are a variety of simple, mom-approved tips and tricks to minimize chaos and maximize your limited energy levels. Many Moms find supplements helpful, especially those that help boost cellular senescence.

Take a daily supplement

Are you caught up in the chaos of motherhood with no tangible end in sight? Integrating daily dietary supplements could be the solution you’ve been searching for. Supplements work quickly and efficiently, balancing hard-to-maintain bodily systems and encouraging cell turnover for happier, healthier moms.

Mixhers supplements, for example, offer a unique product line, featuring Herpower, an energy-boosting and brain-fueling powder that promises maximized productivity. Other fatigue-fighting vitamins include vitamin B12 and iron, which spike energy levels and alleviate chronic fatigue symptoms.

Are you having difficulties getting consistent, restful shut-eye with three squirming children monopolizing space in your queen-size bed? Try melatonin before bedtime to encourage deep sleep and optimize every second of those precious bedtime hours.

Avoid processed sugar

Have you fallen victim to child-induced fatigue, joining the growing epidemic of tired, overworked moms? Try cutting processed sugars out of your diet to avoid unexpected, inconvenient energy crashes.

Although this solution may upset your sweet-tooth, your half-functioning brain and exhausted body will rejoice as you swap sugary-sweets out for healthier options, like proteins. Have a picky eater or vegetarian to cater to? Invest in a daily protein powder that can add to smoothies for a quick, healthy, to-go meal.

Set aside “me” time

Motherhood and me-time aren’t usually allies, given that moms sprint from place to place, organizing untidy playrooms, deescalating daily bickering matches, and sweeping up messes made by their children, or worse—their husbands.

Although a rarity, intentional alone time is imperative for mothers looking to maintain mental health and increase energy. Increased anxiety and stress levels can lead to chronic fatigue or even debilitating energy drops, which means preserving emotional health is critical for overwhelmed mothers. Allow yourself some alone time, indulge in daily meditation, or read a sensual book to increase your pleasure, relax your mind, and refresh your body for the new day.

Drink enough water

Although it may seem obvious, it’s important to note water intake directly affects energy levels and overall health. Dehydration thickens the blood in your body, causing your central nervous system to become overworked as it struggles to push thick, H20-deficient liquids to the finish line.

Without adequate hydration, tasks like walking, concentrating, or standing too quickly can overload your system and cause lightheadedness, headaches, and sudden, unpredictable fatigue. Try tracking your water intake daily to ensure ample water consumption and maximize energy production throughout your soccer-game-packed days.

Final word

Moms are overworked and underappreciated. Between childcare, household duties, financial responsibilities, and spousal obligations, working and stay-at-home moms alike are struggling to stay afloat during these turbulent times. Maximize the limited time you have by taking daily energy-boosting supplements, avoiding processed sugars, prioritizing periods of self-care, and hydrating on the go. That way, you can take one step closer to the super-mom hall-of-fame.