3 Ways that Moms can Practise Self Care

What Moms Do

Being a mom is one of the most challenging and rewarding tasks that a woman can have. This is even more true given the current world conditions. Moms who also work outside of the home have the colossal tasks of trying to hold things down at home while also taking care of their secular lives. There are plenty of moms who are able to mom-it full time, but there has to be balance in this regard as well.

A stay-at-home mom is basically working 24/7. When all things are settled and considered, a stay-at-home mom would earn around $112,962 a year if she were getting paid for her hard work. This figure is taken from data that indicates how much a cook, housekeeper, LPN, counselor, advisor and teacher would make. Apart from that, stay-at-home moms give the love factor that is truly priceless. Mom’s are some of the most memorable people in life. They do so much, yet they do not always take time out for themselves. This can prove to be a problem.

What Moms Need

Moms, just like any person, need care, love, attention, good health and sleep. It is not always easy for moms to find balance when it comes to their needs because it is easy for a mom to feel like she can not take care of herself until everyone else her life is taken care of. Even though all moms do have an obligation to their family, they do well to remember that they also have an obligation to themselves.

A good reminder is to think about the warnings that are given on an airplane. If there is a loss of cabin pressure, each person is supposed to put on their own oxygen mask before they help others with their masks. This is because two people who need help can not be of much help to each other. First, a mom has to give herself oxygen, then she is able to help her children. The same is true when it comes to care. While a good mother would not give herself excessive care to the degree that she neglects her family, she has to take good care of herself in order to give her best self to her family.

1. Moms and Exercise

Exercise has multiple benefits for a mom. Not only does exercise help a person maintain a healthy weight, but exercise is good for bones, the brain, blood, the heart, muscles, skin and it is great for mental health. There are so many benefits to regular exercise that it has been called “the magic pill” when it comes to youth and longevity. A health-conscious mom must make time in her schedule for exercise. This can mean getting up early before everyone else in order to exercise, it can mean staying up a little later, or it can mean taking the kids for a long walk each day. It does not matter how, but a health conscience mom makes working out a priority.

2. Moms and Healthy Eating

Apart from working out, eating well is a must for moms. It can be hard to make a healthy meal every day with a family to take care of. With this in mind, many savvy moms decide to meal prep and freeze food. By doing this, a mom can take just one morning or afternoon to make enough food to last for the week. Apart from that, a health conscience mom finds ways to incorporate healthy snacks into her everyday routine. These healthy habits are not only great for mom, but they also give a great example for other members of the family.

3. Moms and Appearance

A person’s appearance is a huge part of who they are, and this is especially true for moms. A woman’s appearance will change over time, but every woman feels good when she looks her best. This does not mean that she has to look like a movie star, it just means that she has to feel and look her personal best. Moms do different things in order to improve their appearance. Some moms may get facials, go to the gym or get their nails done. There are other moms who may choose to get botox, implants, or liposuction (which may involve different areas of the body). Whatever a mom chooses to do in order to look her best is a personal choice. What is most important is that she feels like she is presenting her best face to the world.

You Go, Mom

There is no perfect mom out there, and it can be difficult to navigate the murky world of momness. Moms have to make big decisions when it comes to work, child-rearing, discipline and education. With all that considered, most women will be moms one day. All that each mom can do is give her all to her family while setting a great example when it comes to self-care and self-love.