5 Best Safe Balcony Play Area Ideas

In times like this, going with your child to public places might seem like not the best idea. If it is possible, you should avoid other people. Unfortunately, young kids shouldn’t stay all the time inside too much – from time to time, they need to breathe in some fresh air. Thankfully, you don’t need to go outside to create extremely fun activities. If you have a balcony, you can create a safe play area for your children!

How to ensure the safety of your child?

Although you can use your balcony to let your child breathe some fresh air, you must be aware that if you aren’t careful, it could be potentially dangerous. If you are worried that the height of the railings is not adequate, then you should consider installing a plastic fence. It would require a bit of an effort, but the safety of your child should be the top priority. Alternatively, you can consider purchasing a safety net that would make you less worried.

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Balcony Safety

A number of surprising and tragic deaths are brought on by unintentional falls from balconies every year. In India, “falls” were responsible for 5% of unintentional fatalities in 2019 [1]. The terrible loss of a young kid was most recently recorded in Thane, when the toddler unlocked the sliding balcony access door and fell from the balcony of the seventh storey. Safety on the balcony is not a little concern, particularly if you have kids or young people in the home

It is important to take precautions to safeguard the safety of children if the balcony is being used as a play place. Here are some suggestions to bear in mind:

  1. Supervision. While your children are on the balcony, always keep an eye on them. Make sure they are not indulging in any risky activities by keeping a close check on them at all times.
  2. Install safety measures. To stop kids from falling from the balcony, install safety gates, railings, or nets. Make sure the railings are high enough and that there are no gaps between them that a child could squeeze through.
  3. Remove hazards. Any dangerous objects, such as furniture or plants that may be climbed on or used as a stepping stool, should be kept off the balcony.
  4. Educate your children. Inform your kids about the risks associated with playing on the balcony and the value of being secure.

Always put your child’s safety first and take the necessary precautions to avoid injuries or accidents on the balcony.

Interesting play ideas

Pillow fort!

Although you might think that a fort built from 2 pillows and a blanket wouldn’t be enough to stop the attacks of ferocious Indians, nor smart outlaws, your children might have a different take on the same issue. We, adults, focus on the things that exist, but the world of children is enhanced by a magical element – imagination. You’ll be surprised how much joy such a simple construction can bring your kid! When it gets dark, you two can be on the lookout for dangers. If you live in a sparsely populated region and the light pollution isn’t that bad, you can also look at the stars and drink warm tea.

Interstellar invasion

If your child isn’t that young, and they are at least somewhat brave, you can tell them that our planet will soon be invaded by aliens from the farthest corners of the galaxy. Although all humanity will unite to face the enemy, our chances of survival are slim. That is, unless… we can create a gigantic energy shield. How? The answer is simple: by arranging the puzzle. Only when this project is completed can we be sure that our species will not go extinct. Depending on the age and the personality of your child, you can use some lights, like the ones that you can find at parentcenternetwork.org, to let them know that they really need to focus on the task. Hopefully, there won’t be any planes or drones flying nearby, or your kid might leave the balcony in a hurry.


Do you think that your son or daughter could become a new Picasso? If that’s the case, then encourage them to create some incredible abstract painting on your balcony. Depending on the techniques used and the sources of inspiration, the world may not be ready for all those masterpieces, but perhaps when they grow up, their works will be properly appreciated. It doesn’t matter what is the preferred topic of your kid’s paintings, as long as it is fun for them. Depictions of several Diplodocuses fighting, but also Earth being blasted to pieces by a gigantic Pterodactyl-Turtle – all of those will add some style to your living room! Just make sure that the crayons can’t fall off the balcony, or the paintings of your artistically-gifted son or daughter might be limited to only several colors.

Lego bricks

Do you think that your sweet girl or boy could become architects later in life? If you have some reasons to believe that it could be the case, you can assist them in creating the tallest building on your balcony. I’m sure that you two could create a skyscraper that would surpass all the real ones, but then in the case of some accident, some of the Lego bricks could fall from your balcony. It’s better to keep it safe and stick to creating the wonders of architecture that wouldn’t be taller than the railings. Try not to interfere too much with the projects of your little genius. Only when you think that the incredible construction can collapse at any moment, is it okay to intervene.


Using a blanket or a mattress, you can create an icebreaker that will move toward the unforgiving ice. You can take a laptop on a balcony, play video of a real ship struggling with ice, and move the blanket accordingly. Before you do that, make sure that the blanket is placed on a soft surface, so that even if some of the members of the crew fall overboard, there will be no injuries. You can also take some ice from the freezer to make the simulation more realistic. Remember that it is essential that your ship moves forward – otherwise you might get stuck.

Take a pick!

You don’t need a lot of equipment to create fun activities for your children. Their imagination can make the most incredible scenarios come true even if they have access to only several items. Not all the fun activities in this article will be perfect for all children – remember to take their age and personality into consideration!

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Balcony Construction

There are a number of things to take into account while building a safe balcony to ensure the safety of everyone utilizing it.

  1. The correct materials should be used; make sure they are strong, resilient, and weatherproof. Concrete, steel, or aluminum are all suitable materials.
  2. Observe building codes. Ensure that you abide by all local building requirements and rules regarding the construction of balconies. This might contain specifications for the weight capacity of the balcony, the distance between balusters, and the height of the balcony railing.
  3. Make sure your balcony is adequately supported and linked to the building to avoid it collapsing or breaking free from the structure. To guarantee correct installation, choose an expert.
  4. Employ a strong railing. To avoid falls, the balcony railing should be both strong and tall. It is usually advised to be at least 42 inches tall.
  5. Choose nonslip flooring. Your balcony’s flooring should be nonslip to prevent accidents, especially if it will be in contact with moisture.
  6. Periodically check for wear and tear on your balcony and maintain it by making any necessary repairs. This can preserve the longevity of your balcony and help prevent accidents.

The secret to building a safe balcony is to put safety first throughout every stage of construction. Employ experts and adhere to building regulations to guarantee the finest results.

Children playing on balconies of modern building

Balcony Safety Installations

To ensure high-rise balcony safety, you have a number of choices for strengthening your balcony construction.


Regular metal, wrought iron, stainless steel, or an invisible grille that will not obstruct your vision while keeping strong security are all options. You may also add lockable grills if the sliding windows that make up the balcony approach door.


The space between and above the rails may be covered and protected quite well with toughened plexiglass. It will not obstruct the view and will offer more security. To prevent airflow obstruction, sliding plexiglass windows with locks are also an option.

Wire Mesh

The most often utilized balcony safety measures in residential societies are protection wire and metal mesh.

Balcony Gate

You may simply install a child-proof balcony gate that adults can attach, detach, or keep closed unless adults are there to supervise as an extra safeguard that is also aesthetically pleasing.

Create a list of the dos and don’ts regarding balcony safety for all family members and domestic staff. The risks of playing recklessly near railings or leaning over them should be properly explained to kids. If you have any psychologically unstable acquaintances, coworkers, or family members who are at risk of committing suicide, be sure to keep them away from balconies and watch over them at all times.


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