When Should You Stop Using a Baby Monitor?

Are you wondering when you should stop using a baby monitor? You can stop using the monitor when your baby can sleep through the entire night or when he or she can make noises loud enough to wake you up.

While there is no rule stating when you should lose the baby monitor, there will come a time when you will no longer need the device for monitoring your little one. Of course, this also doesn’t mean you should throw it away; you may still find a use for it in specific situations.

When to Stop Using the Baby Monitor

Healthy babies who are one year or older probably aren’t going to need round-the-clock monitoring. Here are some of the main reasons why it’s time to get rid of that baby monitor:

1. Your Bedroom Is Right Next to the Nursery

More often than not, when your bedroom is near your child’s, you’ll usually be able to hear them crying or making noises through the wall. The same goes when they make coughing sounds. If you’re able to hear these “necessary” sounds, then it’s okay to ditch the baby monitor.

2. Not All Sounds Require Your Attention

It’s normal for babies to make noises while they’re sleeping. Some of these “normal” noises include breathing, coughing, hiccups, snorting, and sneezing.

Once your child is past six months, the main type of noise you have to look out for is crying. However, even then, this could still be normal. Babies have also been known to emit sounds that make it seem like they’re crying, which may cause you to rush into their rooms. More often than not, though, your child is probably just dreaming.

Rushing into your baby’s nursery because of some strange sound can wake them up. For this reason, you may want to stop using the monitor.

If you’re anxious and still need peace of mind, you can opt to set up a video baby monitor that has a night vision feature instead. This device allows you to check on your little one without needing to be inside his or her room.

Since not all baby monitors are created equal, you’ll want to go over the best baby monitor reviews to know which is best for your particular situation.

3. When Sleep and Anxiety Problems Start to Surface

It’s not unusual for some parents to obsess over every noise that comes out of the baby monitor. They’ll even think that the device isn’t working when they hear no sound coming out for long periods.

A baby monitor can bump up your anxiety levels and cause you to wake up at the slightest sound. If you happen to be a light sleeper, this is broaching on dangerous territory. Remember that lack of sleep can lead to exhaustion and, in the long run, depression.

You need to trust that, at six months old, your child will be loud enough to wake you when he or she needs help. In this way, you can focus on getting the rest that allows you to take better care of your baby.

4. When the Addiction Strikes

As mentioned, some parents can easily fall into the trap of obsessing over their baby monitors. While there’s no doubt how helpful these devices are for monitoring your baby without disturbing their sleep, they can get addicting after a few months.

If you find yourself checking on your little one every few minutes or turning on the monitor to see if there is anything new going on in the nursery, then it’s high time to ditch the baby monitor.

Why You Should Still Use a Baby Monitor

You may be done with your baby monitor for the most part, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be situations where you’ll find a use for them. Here are some of those scenarios:

1. When Your Little Ones Are Sick

A sick child normally won’t be able to call out for his or her parents when help is needed. With a monitor, it would be easier for you to pick up on the sounds your child makes and be alerted to what’s about to happen.

For instance, if your child starts making coughing sounds that tell you he or she is about to vomit, you’ll have enough time to get to their room and take them to the bathroom.

2. When You Have Friends Over

Dinner with friends often leads to absorbing conversations that carry on way past midnight. Since your friends are talking while music is playing, you can very easily miss your little ones calling for you. In situations like this, the baby monitor can be incredibly helpful.

Final Thoughts

Baby monitors are a godsend for the first six months of your child’s life and in certain situations where there is simply a need to monitor your children. As great as these devices are, they won’t remain useful forever and, in some instances, will even start doing more harm than good. As soon as this happens, don’t hesitate to do away with your baby monitor.