11 Weekend Garden Project Ideas

While most people go to the nearby parks for refreshment, gardeners like you just need to go to your backyard. A garden full of plants is enough for refreshment but having an old fashioned garden is not much fun either.

Gardens are customizable.

I mean it’s your garden, you can design it however you want, right? Why don’t you just take on some gardening projects to do on weekends?

What’s that? You don’t know which gardening projects will suit your garden! Don’t worry.

Here are 11 Weekend garden project ideas to make your garden charming as ever.

1. Garden Beds

If you don’t want to invest much time in gardening, then DIY some garden beds. Garden Beds come in different sizes, and you can plant plenty of seeds in a small area. Forget about the traditional ways of gardening, be productive, and use garden beds.

Start with a raised bed then start adding more. Garden beds have better soil since it’s narrowed down to a small space. Most importantly, keep them under the sun and not under large trees.

2. Garden Bench

Spending some time in the garden feels refreshing, but you can get tired by walking around or standing up for most of the time. DIY a garden bench instead.

Gather some bricks and woods and make a comfortable bench by the side. You can also design the bench with some paint and flowers to make it look more beautiful.

You can keep it simple, make it environment friendly by adding planters or make a comfortable bench to sit and relax on.

3. Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets can be an excellent add-on to your gardening projects. You might have seen it on TV or in some parks. It isn’t much difficult to make one, but you need to be specific at first on what you want.

You can either make a small basket or a large one, depending on what plants you want to put in. Gather grass and put it at the bottom of the basket then add flowers of different species side by side.

Once it’s ready, hang it along a wall or by the fence. You can try making one every week.

4. Gardening Apron

The weekend is an excellent time to take care of your garden, and so you will have to carry some tools or seeds from one place to another. Instead of buying a box or carrying a basket, you can DIY a Gardening Apron.

Get your hands on some stiff cloth and sew it up so you can easily carry the seed packs, strings, and other soft tools. It will also protect your inner clothes from getting dirty.

5. Wooden Outdoor Planters

If you want to showcase some plants outside your garden, then you can DIY some wooden outdoor planters.

Wooden planters are made with hardwood and are square in size. You can make a tall one or a short one depending on your plants. You can place them on the front or by the side of your door.

6. Custom Monogram Planters

Monogram planters are one of the creative gardening projects that you can find. With the customizing feature, you can create a symbol, a letter, your name, or a message that you like and attach it to a wall, fence, or just keep it on the ground.

7. Creating a Pathway

Walking through a busy road and an unorganized garden is the same thing. To make space create a pathway. Start crafting some wooden pallets and putting them one by one.

This project will not only create a pathway but also fore you to organize your garden to make it look more beautiful. Create the path in a way so you can roam around in any part of the garden.

8. Design your Fences

Wooden fences are very old fashioned. They’re just too simple. What you can do is paint them in different colors or attach flowers using strings.

You can choose what type of design you want. You paint it simply or be artistic. In terms of adding flowers, you can do that anywhere. Just be specific with the flowers.

9. Food for Birds

If you want to invite birds in your garden and hear them sing then DIY a bird feeder. Trust me; it won’t be that hard. If you have old accessories, then it should do the job.

You can use a bottle, old lantern, pipes, plates, and cups to make your own bird feeder.

Just create a path through which the bird can get their food.

10. Porch Swing

Without the garden bench, you can also relax by making a porch swing. A porch swing will be a perfect add on to your garden, mostly for the children to play and spend time in the garden.

You can create a swing with or without a stand, but you’ll need some strong ropes and wood. Make holes in the wood and attach the strings with it and connect it with the frame. Then start swinging.

11. Paint your Planters

In your garden, you must have a lot of planters scattered all over the place. Sometimes a small edit to your planters can differentiate your garden from others. You can simply paint your planters in different designs.

The best part about painting planters is what design to choose. Let your taste fill-up the colors. Favorite colors, characters, faces, natural art, et. It can be anything you want.


There are hundreds of gardening projects out there, but I was still able to narrow the list down to eleven. I know all of these were not your type, but I know you did get some great ideas from this list.

Gardening projects are best done on weekends. After a week’s load of work, you’ll only get some time on the weekend to add something to your collection. Not just that it’ll also keep you productive.