10 Wedding Theme Ideas

A wedding is a chance to have fun and create something of your own. Many couples love the idea of having a wedding with a theme. With help from G&E Designs, anything is possible. These themes are an opportunity to let your imagination run wild and show off your personality.

Prince and Princess

A royal theme is a great way to make your day even more special. As a bride, you’re going to be the center of attention anyway. Bring out a horse drawn coach. Put on a sparky tiara. Let your guests have the fun of playing out a fairy tale.

Charity Work

Many couples have all they need before they get hitched. A wedding is a chance to bring attention to a cause they hold dear. For example, if you love animals, you can make a charity that serves the needs of strays the center of your party. Ask for donations in lieu of wedding gifts.

A Country Wedding

The countryside is an incredibly beautiful place. Find inspiration from the joys of rural life and translate that to your big day. Make use of wildflower displays on each table. Hold the ceremony and reception outdoors in a rustic field under the stars.

The Beach

Beaches are the perfect setting for your wedding. Hold your wedding ceremony at the shore. Guests can wear less formal clothing as you stand near the waves. Decorate the interior reception area in shades of blue and white. Use shells as table centerpieces for an added lively touch.

Christmas Holiday

December brides can use this month to create a wedding theme that’s all about this marvelous time of the year. Dress your attendants in shades of rich red and deep green. Gold and silver access bring the theme further. Add lit candles and a wreath at each table.

Your Favorite Country

Modern brides and grooms have often gone on holiday together before they get married. Show off your favorite destination with a wedding theme that honors your travels. For example, if you’ve been to Thailand, decorate the hall in true Thai style. Serve a menu based on traditional Thai food.

Go Back in Time

If you find yourself drawn to a particular historical era, make that the center of your wedding plans. Choose Victorian times. Ask your guests to dress in hoop skirts. Put your own stamp on it with a wedding menu that recalls times when people ate beef wellington and saluted the queen.

Rock and Roll

Pay homage to the kind of music you like best with a rock and roll wedding. This is a chance to make your wedding stand out in a good way and remind them what they love about rock songs. Snuggle a leather jacket over your wedding dress. Have your groom wear leather pants. Guests can arrive on bikes wearing their favorite pair of jeans. Hire a local band to play those classic rock songs so everyone can do The Twist.

Elegant Formality

If you really want an upscale wedding with all the bells and whistles, now is the time to go for it. Hold the wedding in a four star restaurant. Offer guests marvelous appetizers like langoustines and foie gras. Have a sit down dinner where they can dig into a steak made to their exacting standards. Follow up with a large wedding cake. Hire a formal orchestra and let guests do the waltz as they celebrate your marriage. This is a chance to create a soigné fete that’s about your love of the finer things in life.

Get Literary

There’s probably a book you really love. Use that as inspiration for a wedding that lets you bring it to life. If you adore the Harry Potter books, divide all your guests into Hogwarts houses. Offer pumpkin juice cocktails and butterbeer for toasts. Put on a Ravenclaw diadem and bring your magic wand when you walk down the aisle. Guests can munch on the food mentioned in the Harry Potter books. Decorate each part of the reception area with a Hogwarts house banner in house colors.

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