Fantastic Gift Ideas You Must Get For A Baby Shower

Having a baby is one of the most exciting times, either for you or a friend. However, thinking of a gift that will show how excited you are can be challenging. Sometimes, the mom-to-be has a list of the gifts she will need most, but sometimes, it is up to your creativity.

You have to think of a gift that will be unique and useful for both the mom and the baby. If you are confused about the best baby shower gift to buy, read on.

1. Stroller or Pram

Put a smile on the mom-to-be’s face by presenting them with a pram or stroller, which will be useful, especially when they want to take a walk in the park, go shopping or go jogging. While the two look similar, their distinct difference is the position of the bay.

Strollers have upright seats while prams have a flat sleeping surface. Prams are the best for newborns and strollers can be used for babies who have learned how to sit on their own. Most of them these days are adjustable to any position.

BabyHood is the best place to find the best stroller or Prams online. They come in different sizes, colours and materials, and all made all being of the highest quality.  Also be sure to check out baby shops cairns as well.

2. Rocking Chair

A strong rocking chair will help keep the new mom comfortable when feeding and cuddling her newborn. The smooth back and forth movements will also help the baby fall asleep faster. You could consider adding a small table to go with the chair for placing items needed to feed the baby.

You can also consider buying a small rocking chair for the baby. It helps soothe the baby to sleep as the mother does some other chores or when she needs rest.

3. Smart Baby Monitor

Present the gift of sleep, comfort and peace both to the mother and the baby. Smart baby monitors are beneficial, especially for busy parents because it allows them to see and hear their baby without waking them up.

Also, they have other sensors for heart rate, temperature, and breathing. That way, you are sure that your baby is comfortable and safe. The sensors are found in a mat that is placed under the baby, or they can be in a wristband or wearable clip.

4. Baby Carrier

Baby carriers will allow the new mom to carry her baby around and ensure the comfort of both the mom and the child. Choose a baby carrier with a head support hood, which ensures that the baby can be carried in it in any weather, and remains comfortable.

Also, go for a carrier that will allow the mom to carry the baby facing any direction and a quality carrier that will not break when the bay gains some weight.

5. Changing Mat And Table

A changing table allows the mom to change her baby’s diaper in a comfortable position. A changing mat is useful because it ensures that the changing area remains clean, and it is also convenient because the mother can change her baby’s diapers from anywhere.   You can also consider a baby gift hamper as well.

6. Crib

Cribs are essential for new moms to ensure their babies’ have comfortable sleep. To buy one as a present, ensure you understand the parents’ style and their preferred colour. Also, ensure it is safe and comfortable for the bay.

Add in some accessories like a mattress, covers, and pillows.

7. Baby Shower Gift Basket

The basket comes with many different nursery necessities like diapers, baby wipes, bodysuits, baby soap, baby oil, burp cloth, diaper cream, diaper pail, toy rattle, pacifiers, and more.

8. New Baby Journal

What better gift to give a new mom than a place to have all her memories with her baby from day one? The new baby journal allows the mom to write some notes, stick beautiful pictures or drawings of her baby’s journey.

9. Diaper Bag

As a close friend of the mom-to-be, you know her style well enough to know what bag she would like as a diaper bag, coupled with space and good quality for it to last a long time. It will come in handy when the new parents have to travel and need to take the baby with them.

10. Play Mat

Babies love it when they can lay on the ground and kick their legs and hands in the air. Get the new baby a play mat with many different toys and on that will help them through the different stages of development.

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