Guest Post: Your Eyes: Windows to the Soul and Your Wellbeing

It goes without saying that as we only get one pair of them during our lifetime, it is vitally important to look after our eyes.


Many believe you can tell a lot about a person by looking into their eyes and there is more than element of truth in that statement.


If it is an ophthalmic specialist who is looking into your eyes then it would certainly be the case, as what they can see reveals a lot about not just your eye health but also your general wellbeing.


Regular examinations are essential


There are a number of conditions that develop over a period of time rather than immediately and this is one of the main reasons why regular eye examinations are essential.


You should aim to have an eye check-up at least once every two years at least so that your practitioner can identify any potential problems or symptoms that might need further investigation.


Warning signs


The health of your eyes can not only provide a warning sign that you may be developing a condition such as glaucoma but also provide some vital clues that suggest you may be suffering from more widespread problems.


Flat plaques on your eyelids with a yellowish tinge can often be a sign of a dangerously high cholesterol level and a yellow tinge that is affecting the whites of your eyes is a potential indication that you may have a problem with your liver or blood.


When you are being examined, the eye specialist will look at the back of your eye, which is known as a retinal examination, and may be able to detect the signs of complications such as diabetes and high blood pressure.




If you wear contact lenses, you can now order these online through a site such as Lenstore but it is still important to have regular checks even if you are having your contact’s delivered for added convenience.


Regular checks will help to identify the potential symptoms for glaucoma which is a relatively common problem when people reach the age of 40 and beyond. If un-detected, glaucoma can damage the nerve at the back of your eye due to raised pressure in the eyeball.




This is a condition that causes clouding of the lens at the front of your eye which is used to focus images on the back of the eye.


Cataracts are often associated with older age but they can occasionally be present at birth. It is a condition that is very often associated with smoking, an unhealthy diet or as a result of having diabetes.


The good news is that cataracts are very often easily treated with surgery but the bad news is that NHS funding restrictions have meant that many sufferers have had to wait until their vision has become badly affected before becoming eligible for surgery.


Your eyes are capable of performing highly complex tasks as well as being considered the window to your soul, so make sure that you treat them well and have them checked regularly.


Jon Carson is an optical researcher. He enjoys helping people understand the importance of and how to care for one’s eyes.


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Kidecals Review

Disclosure: I received complimentary KiDecals products in exchange for posting the following review.  All opinions are 100% my own.  This review was not guided by Kidecals, nor did they provide any suggestions or requirements as to how the review is written.

I am really excited to write about a product that I tried recently, Kidecals.  Because I mostly write about methods of simplifying life, this product fit right in.  Kidecals products make it very easy to label kids’ (and adults’) possessions, decorate a keyboard, create a return address label, leave a note on your door, and much more.  They also make great gifts!  I really love the designs, and found the product to be very high quality.  Another bonus is that they always offer free shipping (two things I absolutely love are free shipping and free parking).

Once my product came in, I was a huge fan of the company.  First, I found out that they are located here in my great state of Colorado.  Also, they are waterproof, so they’re perfect for water bottles or swimming gear.

Here are some of the products they offer.  Please note that these images are from the Kidecals website.  I did not use images of the products I received, because I did not want to give out my children’s names and phone numbers!

You can browse through their other items and make a purchase on their website:  You can also follow their Facebook page here (I love their inspiring, informative, and humorous posts):  I am sure you’ll be as hooked as I am now!

Here are the great decals they have to spruce up your keyboard (I really want these for my keyboard at work):







Here are some labels for camp gear and luggage tags:



I LOVE these chalkboard labels, used here for a potluck:



This is one of the best designs for a return address label that I’ve seen.  Return address labels are a huge timesaver, so naturally, I use them a lot:














This is one of the products that I ordered; I used it to label everything my daughter brings to daycare, preschool, and friends’ houses:














I would love to get this as a gift for a baking-savvy friend (they also have labels for home-based distilleries or gardens):













I would love to give this gift for new parents, with an extra for myself!:















And finally, as a huge fan of Girl Scout cookies, I had to include this one:













I hope you take the time to peruse the Kidecals website, and I hope you find some great products to try!


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Guest Post: Adding Healthy Seafood to Your Daily Diet

I’m so excited to have another guest poster today!  Joel Cordle wrote the following post on adding seafood to your diet. 

Joel Cordle is associated with George stone crab. At George stone crab you will get the best quality sea food, a Stone Crab claws. George Stone Crab packs and delivers the freshest stone crabs to your door, whether you live in Miami, NY or LA.

If you want to be healthy, you have to consider eating the foods that are needed in supplying the different nutrients needed in the body. The food that you eat determines how strong your immune system is. This is one thing that you should consider in order for you to get that motivation that you need for a healthy food preparation.


In your daily diet, you have to make sure that there is enough amount of seafood in order to make sure that you are getting the omega3 fat that your heart needs. Seafood can also help increase the amount of protein in your body. You have to remember that you are getting the perfect amount of nutrients from seafood in order to make yourself perfectly lean.


Here is a list of the different seafood that you can add to your daily diet:


  • Salmon. This seafood can be found in your local market and it can be served in different style. One of the best things about salmon is its omega 3 content that can help you develop a healthy heart that is far away from different complications. You can include one serving of this in your meal and you will surely get the right amount of omega 3.
  • Oysters. If you are looking for the category of seafood that is highly nutritional, you have to check mollusks. One of the best types of this seafood is oyster. This is one of that seafood that you can purchase as frozen or fresh. This is low in fat and calories. If you want to maintain a balanced diet in order to achieve the best body physique that you want, you can add this to your list of daily foods. This is also one of the best sources of zinc.
  • Other oily fishes. Instead of eating pork and chicken everyday, you have to consider eating oily fishes. This type of food is very helpful in maintaining a healthy heart. You can be sure that the bad cholesterol is being combatted with the help of this type of food. Balancing the fats and the cholesterol in the body is one of the best ways to help you get that perfect health.
  • Crabs. If you want to make sure that you are getting enough doze of protein from your seafood, you can include crabs in your meal. There are some types of crabs such as stone crab claws that are very rich in nutrients. With the content of this type of seafood, you can be sure that you will be able to complete the nutritional needs of your body.


The different seafood given above can be included in your daily meals. The nutritional content of each are very important to you and your family’s health.

Guest Post: The Pros and Cons of Corrective Eye Surgery


Today I’m happy to have a guest poster!  This is a guest post by Samantha, a freelance writer and health expert. She also loves reading and blogging.

The new thing in the world of eye health is eye surgery that can restore your vision to a perfect 20/20. For individuals who have worn glasses for decades, this can seem like news from heaven. But before you jump onto the eye surgery bandwagon, it is important to consider all aspects of the issue. Although there are many benefits, there are still some risks that are important to consider before you take the leap.

Take a look at these pros and cons before you make your final decision:


Eye surgery pros

Obviously, the biggest benefit to eye surgery is clear vision. It can be an amazing feeling to use your own two eyes to see anything around you. If you have suffered from poor vision for most of your life, it is like suddenly switching on a light and seeing things for the first time after surgery.

Surgery can also benefit you in other ways. One of the biggest advantages is the fact that you will never have to wear glasses or contact lenses again. If you hate having to hunt for glasses, switch out contacts, or pay money for clear vision, it is an amazing feeling to know you will never have to go through all that trouble again.

Eye surgery can also have an effect on your quality of life. If you participate in sports, have always wanted to become a pilot, are part of the military, or do anything else that was limited by your poor vision, eye surgery will complete remove those limitations. You will be able to do anything you want.

Eye surgery can also improve your appearance. If you suffered from a lazy eye, had squinted eyes due to poor vision, or simply didn’t like how you looked in glasses, eye surgery can correct all those issues.


Eye surgery cons

On the other side, there are also cons to having eye surgery. The biggest con is the risk of permanent loss of vision that can never be restored. If your eye is damaged during surgery, you may never have good vision again, even with glasses or contact lenses.

Eye surgery can also make you see double. Some side effects include holes in your vision, permanent glares, halos around the eyes, or permanent double or triple vision. Some side effects may make it difficult to see in dim light or fog.

The surgery can also fail. Some patients do not see any noticeable difference after the surgery.

Sometimes the surgery can affect your tear development, leading to permanently dry eyes. Other problems include blurry vision and constant eye discomfort and itching,


If you are on the fence about eye surgery, it is important to consider all the risks and benefits. The idea sounds wonderful, but just like any other procedure, there are risks involved. Before making any decision, informing yourself of all the facts will help you make the right choice for you. Once you take into account all pros and cons, you can then determine which is the right choice for you personally.