10 Fun Ideas for a Bridal Shower

A wedding shower, also referred to as a bridal shower, is among the numerous pre-wedding celebrations that happen before the major event-the wedding itself. It is a joyful occasion that allows family and friends to pamper and spoil the soon-to-be-weds. It’s called a bridal shower for one particular reason: it’s designed to shower the lovely soon-to-be bride with love, presents, and well wishes while her family and dearest friends are around her.

Sometimes, the host may find it difficult to organize all the details while also guaranteeing that the aesthetic is imaginative and interesting. Cling to that nice, uncomplicated concept—along with some of the greatest bridal shower ideas, such as amusing décor, fun games, bridal shower goodies, and amazing dessert.

Most of these bridal shower ideas are simple and not overwhelming. Think about keeping the guests engaged all day with out-of-the-box activities such as cake decorating activity, arts and crafts time, and a cocktail bar if you’re eager to push the wedding shower to its full limits.

Don’t worry whether you’re the maid of honor, sister, or bride-to-be’s mom in charge of planning this bridal shower party— here are ten fun ideas for a bridal shower that will surely be of great help.

Pick a Theme

The majority of event planners recommend that anyone organizing a bridal shower choose a theme! If there is a theme, it will help attendees become thrilled and make it easier to decide what their gifts will be. A wine tasting is a great bridal shower theme. The attendees can bring their own bottle of wine to try and a bottle to give to the couple. 

You do not even have to go all out with your theme for your bridal shower. Themes might get a little out of hand at times. When you are unsure of what to do, choose a central piece and add small elements here and there to match the mood and vibe of your venue.

Memory Lane

Give honor and respect to the bride’s relatives who already passed away by displaying their old photos, particularly wedding photos during the event. This would make such a unique, and at the same time, memorable bridal shower. 

Build a photo station for their deceased family members in a secluded and peaceful spot to add a personal touch to the bridal shower. This is a wonderful way to remember loved ones who have passed away. Although this doesn’t help compensate for their absence, having their faces in images will help you feel their presence and love the whole time. 

This is also a nice way to let your guests, particularly the ones that never got the chance to meet these late family members, get to know them, too. In addition to that, guests will enjoy looking at the aesthetics of previous decades. 

Have a Girls’ Picnic


Are you planning a bridal shower for a smaller group of people? In your own garden lies beauty and bliss. Spoil the bride with wine and sweets from the comforts of a cozy picnic blanket. 

A private picnic seems to be a fun bridal shower idea if the weather permits. Make a joyful and relaxing atmosphere for a simple bridal shower by transforming an outdoor space — it may be in your garden or the backyard. Relaxing on the ground is made more comfortable with colorful rugs and warm cushions. 

A chic set, complete with scented candles and plenty of colorful flowers, transforms a simple picnic into a lady’s lunch. Fun flower decorations, fairy lights, and classic picnic food should all be included. Also required are wicker baskets packed with champagne, and do not forget about the fun games. And on a brighter note, this is an ideal opportunity to spruce up your backyard.

Bridal Quiz

Another fun thing to do at bridal showers is a bridal quiz. By asking trivia questions about the soon-to-be bride, you may determine which people in the bridal shower party know her best. 

Then end it by going on a trip down memory lane. This is also a very engaging activity because each visitor at the shower will share their personal memory or story with the bride-to-be.

Baking Party


Instead of playing the same old bridal shower activities, let guests bake, decorate, and enjoy some cake. Take a cooking or baking lesson as a group, or you can do it at home and test your skills and abilities at one of the bride’s family recipes. Give each visitor the supplies to bake her own tiny cake, for one, and let them bring home something delicious, or you may also freeze them for the big day. 

A baking party is a unique and enjoyable concept for a bridal shower. Moreover, attendees will acquire knowledge about something new that they can take home.

Recipe for a Happy Marriage

One unique idea is making a lovely recipe box and encouraging the bride’s friends and family to throw in some marriage advice that would help the soon-to-be bride. Another creative alternative for a recipe box is to provide cheap wooden spoons and ask each bridal shower attendees to write down their marriage wisdom onto the spoon. After that, you may place them in a huge Mason Jar and give it to the bride-to-be. 

Alternatively, if the bride enjoys cooking and baking, have everyone share beloved family recipes to put inside the box.

Slumber Party

Keep in mind how fun pajama parties and slumber parties were when you were a kid. Having a slumber party as a theme for your bridal shower will be a fantastic girls’ night, along with pizza, beverages, sweets, fun games, and a movie marathon. 

You may organize this at your place, or you can step it up and book a hotel suite for the perfect relaxing session, complete with access to different hotel amenities like a spa and swimming pool. Plus, you won’t have to do the cleaning the following day. 

Tea Party


A bridal shower tea party is ideal for the woman who adores all things flowery, tasty, and elegant. Arrange a flower-filled display for a tea party during the day. Provide a selection of teas and pastries on stylish china plates with flowery-designed paper towels.  

Give everyone a teacup and serve them with their tea flavor of choice. You may keep it classic Brit or go wild with a Mad Hatter motif. In either case, prepare a fresh selection of artisanal tea, delectable scones, and mouthwatering cucumber sandwiches.

Balloon Wishes

If you want a significant and unforgettable bridal shower, the balloon wish idea is an excellent option. It is something that extends even beyond the bridal shower party. Friends and family can leave messages for the bride on the balloons and reserve them to be released up in her bridal room while she gets ready during the wedding day. 

Cocktail Party


Bridal showers shouldn’t have to be formal and sophisticated gatherings with an unending number of tables. It is a fabulous idea to organize a colorful and cozy cocktail party for a more free and relaxed atmosphere. This theme exudes a strong ’70s vibe!

To honor the bride, you may chill cocktails with the frozen fruit of her choice. One powerful tip is using frozen grapes or blueberries to provide sweet drinks the image of fancy martinis.