Word Games to Help Children Develop Focus on Writing

From the likes of Scrabble to Words With Friends, word games have been around for many decades, perhaps even more. They are not only fun and unifying, but they are also known to be effective in boosting vocabulary and enhancing one’s cognitive abilities. They make a great bonding activity for friends and family members to engage in after dinner or over the weekend. These days, a wide range of word games for kids are also available, and they have proven really helpful in enhancing their language skills as well as creativity. This makes them helpful for kids who are passionate about writing. With this having been mentioned, here are some word games to help children develop a focus on writing.

Words In A Word

Kids love to play, and most of the time, they enjoy learning through games instead of the monotonous sitting arrangements in class listening to the teacher. They are also likely to remember the fun and games more than anything else. Words In A Word involves picking a name with many characters and then using that word to come up with other words. For example, if the word is ‘ALPHABET’ some words the kid can construct from that may include alpha, bat, bet, lab, pal, and so forth. This game will help the children sharpen their spelling skills.

This game can be played by kids at home with the help of their elders. Who can add more words to the words the child has already formed. As explained on Unscramble.org, using an Unscrambler tool makes the job far much easier for adults as they guide their kids. The tool helps you unscramble and create words from a pile of letters just from a website browser. While so doing, let the child enjoy as he learns. It makes it easier for them to concentrate.

Word Search

Reading goes hand in hand with writing. So, if a child learns how to read, you can be sure their spelling will be perfect. This game is on 10*10 squares. Fill it in with words going up, down, side, and diagonally. Have those words at the bottom of the grid. Then fill in the blank boxes with random letters. Then ask the kid to highlight the words as you mark the found words at the bottom list.

You can also make it fun by identifying a word and saying it aloud so that the child can have the willingness to find it. You can motivate your kid with a snack for a job well done. The game can be challenging, but it improves their literacy skills.

Story Prompts

Children love to explore, and that builds their imagination. Story Prompts is a word game played by several kids where they make up stories from their creativity. This is how it goes. One child starts a story and says one sentence. He stops, and the second one continues, he stops, and the third one continues. The chain continues until the last child.

The game is interesting because each kid has his idea, which is different from the other. As they play this game, they are building their imagination which is a skill in imaginative writing as well as building their vocabulary.

Word Family Game

This is a rhyme game where children say out words that have a rhyme scheme. They are supposed to make the most out of one as long as they are of the same rhyme. For example, you can give them a word like Cat. In this case, some rhyming words would include bat, pat, fat, gut, hut, mat, nut, rat, sat, etc. They may end up singing a song out of the rhymed words just for fun.

With such games, the child’s vocabulary and language skills will go a notch higher. Playing with plasticine can be fun, but productive games like these are the best ways to play with the kids.


These games can be made at home, but you can get better versions online. They come in a wide range of options. The game is simple. Choose a theme and ask the child to give you all the items they know in that theme. For example, if the theme is school, some words would include teacher, school bus, library, classes, toilets, etc. When you are writing down the words as the child names them, you can cut them into squares and scrunch them up. Ask the child to pick each paper and read the words out one by one. This game helps the child to improve their reading, spelling, and speech.

So, there you have it. Word games for kids are fun and educational. Most of them are designed to improve their vocabulary and spelling, thus boosting their writing skills.

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