Why You Should Have Binoculars In Your Survival Kit

When packing things for your survival kit, you’ll most likely prepare water, food, medications, flashlight, radio, batteries, multipurpose tools, personal hygiene and sanitation, clothing, blanket, and many more. After finishing your list, chances are binoculars are nowhere to be found in your bag. No surprise, as while this optical instrument is incredibly useful in survival situations, many people still overlook the various benefits it offers. With that, we’ve collated some of the best reasons why you should have a pair around.



Binoculars are exceptionally beneficial for scouting, especially if you’re on the move amidst a disaster or emergency. You can use them to see blocked roadways and save time by looking for other available access rather than going to the area only to go back after reaching the destination. Meanwhile, binoculars are also helpful in monitoring surrounding areas and paths from a safe distance. You can spot any obstacles, wild animals, hostile individuals, and other threats, if any. Through that, you can quickly assess the situation, avoid possible problems, and help you plan your subsequent actions for your safety.

If you luckily happen to be with other individuals at a time of crisis, binoculars can be your best ally in keeping track of your party or help in searching for missing or injured people. Serving as an extension of your vision, it will also be easier for you to find safe, comfortable cover or shelter for the group. This impressive tool helps you see better through dense vegetation and even see changes in weather conditions.

Starting a fire


Wet matchsticks and empty lighters spell further disaster. In a survival situation, binoculars can also be used in starting a fire. Binoculars contain concave and convex lenses for the technology to work. These lenses may utilize the way how a magnifying glass can start a fire. Keep in mind that it entails disassembling the optics. 



Traveling to the forest is a unique experience. However, you’ll never know when the worst may happen. If you happen to get trapped alone, you’d be thankful you’ve prepared binoculars in your survival kit.

While you’d be better off eating a meaty mac n’ cheese dinner at your favorite restaurant or grabbing your favorite beef cuts at the grocery store, there are cases when you are left with no option but to hunt for food. With that, you can use your binoculars for spotting small edible animals, such as rabbits, doves, woodchucks, opossums and nutrias.

Suppose you still have the might, then you may look out for deers and wild boars. However, they are pretty sensitive and also have decent strength, making it a more challenging task. Instead, go for an easier catch like fish and use binoculars to check where schools of them are swimming.

Of course, you can also use binoculars to protect yourself from other animals. Bears are common threats in the forest. You’d have better chances encountering a black bear rather than a grizzly bear. However, differentiating them can be challenging even at a closer view. Your optics can help you distinguish them better and locate their cubs so you won’t stumble on them around.

Spotting Splinters


Wood splinters can be painful as they rip through the muscle or flesh. However, they often come so small, making them hard to see by the naked eye. If you don’t remove them, they can continue to hurt, become infected through time and lead to fever. If they are too small, the binocular lens can also work like a microscope. Simply invert them, and you can get great magnification helpful in locating the splinters. Once found, tweeze them away for immediate comfort.



Binoculars often have at least a single mirror on each of the tubes as most of these instruments use roof-prism technology. If you need to call for help or alert your friends about your location, you can smash your binoculars and use the mirrors within for signals. While they are relatively small, they can be used to catch search aircraft and personnel’s attention.


That’s the rundown of some of the best reasons why you should add binoculars to your survival kit. They may add a little extra weight, but the valuable benefits offset the extra effort – and they might even be your savior in tough situations.