Why You Should Consider Using Vitamin Supplements?

You have probably adopted a dietary regimen primarily based on healthy whole foods, have minimized your stress levels, upped your fitness, and perhaps getting more sleep. But do these supposedly healthy lifestyle changes improve the quality of your health and life? Or are you going to let the bad habits creep back into your life and instead consider using a few magic pills to stay on track?

Of course, in a perfect world, you can do exercise, stay fit, eat healthily, and obtain sufficient sleep. So, why should you consider using nutritional supplements to improve life’s quality? Quite simply, nutritional supplements such as vitamins and other macro and micronutrients impact our health and quality of life, especially if done right.

You may be thinking that, well, you are doing everything right. So, why take nutritional supplementation? Our health and wellness experts at Dose + Remedy understand that eating a well-balanced diet can sometimes fall short of the mark nutritionally. And whereas whole foods provide your body with nutrients for optimal health, modern environments and people’s lifestyle schedule demands make it harder to achieve that.

Why Nutritional Supplements?

Research has shown that most nutritional supplements prevent or aid in the treatment of lifestyle health conditions such as high cholesterol, cancer, birth defects, and arthritis. Moreover, there are some specialists who are of the opinion that supplements can help you with all these health conditions, and even more, which can be seen at www.doseandremedy.com if you want to know more about it. That said, let’s take a look at why you should consider using vitamin supplements.

To Fill up That Nutritional Gap

Health and nutritional experts assert that over 90% of people do not get the recommended nutrients and vitamins from the food alone. Many lifestyle conditions force people to engage in extreme remedy regimens such as intermittent fasting for weight loss. In this case, for instance, the dietary recommendations would deprive you of adequate nutritional needs due to strict dieting.

Therefore, vitamin supplementation would come in handy to bridge the nutritional gap caused by the strict dieting imbalance. This way, you can restore normalcy and maintain a proper balance of nutrients that you failed to obtain from food. As such, you will enhance your body’s nutrient density as tailored to your nutritional needs. And all you need is a magic pill for that from Dose + Remedy.

Processing Foods Often Reduce Their Nutrient Content

The whole foods such as cereals we obtain from the groceries undergo several processing steps in the industry that drains away important nutrients. Refining wheat to obtain flour, for example, drains at least 80% of magnesium, 87% chromium, 75% of zinc, and 90% of manganese, which are essential micronutrients required in the body. But taking nutrient supplementation would remedy all that and maintain a proper balance for healthy well-being.

The Body’s Nutrient Absorption Ability Declines With Age

It is natural that as you age, malabsorption creeps in. Thus, your body would not have the same ability to break down or absorb vitamins and other nutrients as before. It could be triggered by other lifestyle conditions or other medications you might be taking.

That said, most modern medications deplete essential nutrients from your body. And the only way to tailor your body to its dietary needs is to supplement with vitamins to restore its balance.  This is where Balance of Nature comes in. As a supplement company, they offer natural products that provide your body with the nutrients it needs to support the balance of nature within.

Herbicides and Pesticides Kill Soil Microorganisms And Reduce Crop Nutrition

Modern farming techniques employ fertilizers that deplete the soil of minerals and other essential nutrients naturally available to plants. Soil fertility is crucial with regards to plants’ essential nutrients.

Soil microorganisms aid in the making of minerals and soil nutrients. But crops grown in soils deficient in this are often low in nutrient content. Therefore, because of modern fertilizer overuse, plants cannot form essential vitamins.

Hybrid Crops Have Lower Nutrient Content

Modern farming methods are based on efficiency and quantity as opposed to quality. And that is in part due to overpopulation. That’s why today’s farming is often carried out on organic farms.

The focus is to yield more food per acreage. This results in most of these crops having less nutrient concentration. Which is one reason you should take nutritional supplements.

Poor Eating Habits

Due to our daily life demands and the tough work schedules and family engagements, we rarely stick to a dietary plan with any substantive restrictions. And the resulting erratic eating habits such as junk foods give our bodies a single source of nutrients, which is way below the nutritional mark. Supplementation can come in handy to minimize the damage of erratic eating habits.

Whether you are conscientious about your dietary requirements or not, whole foods cannot provide all the essential nutrients required by our bodies. From time to time, we fall short of the mark nutritionally. And that’s why you should consider using supplementation to restore balance for an improved quality of health and life.