Why Raquel Allegra Is Perfect for Women With Unique Style

What does it mean to be unique? Well, when it comes to fashion, it means the ability to stand out. Women with unique styles often opt for pieces that transcend even the most popular trends. Oftentimes, having a unique style involves a wardrobe full of eclectic garments that feel suited to your spunky personality. Whether it’s a vintage wool beret or a funky tie-dye sweater, your fashion sense is very much an extension of who you are as a woman.

Enter the namesake label Raquel Allegra. From the very beginning, it seems Raquel Allegra was meant to be a key player in the fashion industry. Growing up in Berkeley, she was heavily influenced by her artisan parents who encouraged her to experiment and immerse herself in creative pursuits. It wasn’t long before Raquel’s design career resulted in the origination of a shredding technique that expanded into a collection of t-shirts, midi- and full-length dresses, sweaters, jumpsuits, and more. Incorporating unique cocoon shapes and tie-dye pieces, it’s clear why Raquel Allegra is ideal for women with unique styles.

Each piece is a statement

From fun patterns to bold colors, you’ll find that Raquel Allegra makes a statement with each piece. A woman with a fashion sense like yours may opt for the Mod Long Sleeve Top complete with a tie-dyed yin yang symbol in the color Forest. Or you might want to feel like a real stunner in the Kennedy Car Coat, which comes in a vibrant chartreuse shade. With all of the beautiful shades of blush available, your outfit can even incorporate anything from a bright pink playsuit to a romantic, baby pink blouse with a victorian ruffle collar. We Are Iconic offers all of these statement pieces from Raquel Allegra, so you can refresh your closet with just a few clicks! Clearly, these are items that surpass the average white cotton tee.

The craftsmanship of the garments speaks volumes

When it comes to craftsmanship, we can’t skip out on talking about the signature shredding technique innovated by Raquel Allegra. This unconventional process has resulted in lavish, Bohemian-inspired ensembles. Fashion sense isn’t solely rooted in how a clothing item looks but also how it’s made. One great example of this is the Distressed Neon Tiger Sweatshirt that comes in a relaxed fit and was made with artful hand-distressing. How many women can say that their sweater was thoughtfully made by hand?

Only the best fabrics are used

When the namesake label began to mature in 2009, the brand incorporated richer textures. Some of the fabrics used include cashmere, linen, lace, and even deerskin. You can expect to see recycled cotton and signature satin—any of which would complement any trendsetter’s wardrobe. Women with unique styles would appreciate the thought that’s been put into the Raquel Allegra brand. Not only will you be looking extremely fashionable, but you’ll also feel incredibly chic.

The brand is heavily inspired by strong women

While slipping into whatever’s clean might feel most efficient, don’t forget that clothing is meant to empower women. Putting on a structures blazer makes you feel ready to work. Taking a walk in a brightly-colored sundress could easily lighten your mood. Fashion isn’t just limited to aesthetics. It’s about feeling bold, independent, and uniquely yourself. Raquel Allegra understands that vision, which is why she makes clothing inspired by strong women. As someone with a unique style, you can support a brand that delivers that message and look good while doing it!

If you’re a confident woman looking to stand out in a room, Raquel Allegra could very well be the label you’re looking for. Show off your free spirit with a pair of classic jersey pants or sport a Kimono-inspired tunic that evolves with every season. Whatever it may be, your style speaks volumes about you.