Why choose a raincoat over an umbrella?

Even people who love the rains and love jumping up and down in puddles of water once a year need to keep themselves dry from the rains the rest of the times. This calls for either going for an umbrella or much more practical raincoats or slicker. Here, we will be listing out a few points why going for a raincoat is a better option than going for an umbrella.

Simply better at its job

The main purpose of both this equipment is the same, keeping the person using them dry but there is no doubt in the fact that a raincoat is much better at its job compared to an umbrella. For light rains or drizzles there you can go for either but when there is heavy rain outside you need to make sure that you are covered from top to bottom. Most raincoats cover you from the head to the ankles and below that, you can have boots. An umbrella does a really good job at repelling vertical raindrops but soon as the wind starts blowing you better start looking for a shelter as then an umbrella can offer you little protection. On the other hand, a raincoat offers you protection from both the wind and the rain making you waterproof without having to compromise what you wear underneath. One of the best examples where you get to see both the equipment in use is when you see weather reporters reporting storms, you rarely see them using an umbrella and in case you do, it is very easy to see why they should have opted for a raincoat.

Raincoats are less bothersome

When you have a raincoat on your hands are free to do what you wish to unlike in the case of an umbrella where you will have to be holding the umbrella with a hand. After you are done facing your share of the rains when you reach the venue you were headed for you are less likely to forget a raincoat as compared to an umbrella. They are more convenient to carry around and store, and you can function better while having a raincoat on. Picture a scenario where you have to walk in for a meeting and the skies are raining cats and dogs, you reach the venue wearing a raincoat go to the restrooms get the raincoat off, pack it nicely in the sleek cover it comes with and comes out dry and fresh hassle-free. Now picture the same scenario but with an umbrella, you reach the venue, and realize that your pants are wet from the knees down, you can’t dry them in time and have to carry around a dripping umbrella with you everywhere you go, incase there is a stand for the umbrella there are very high chances for someone to mistake yours for their and take it while you are left with no option but to get soaking wet in the rains or wait for it to stop pouring.