Which Type of Birthday Cake Sparklers Are Great for Surprise Parties?

It’s so fun planning a surprise party for your loved one. You can add all sorts of fun details to the celebration that they will enjoy. One detail that’s important for any party is the birthday candles on top of the cake. Everyone enjoys watching the special birthday person blow them out and make a wish. But seeing the same old birthday candles can get boring and sometimes you want a little more. Adding birthday sparklers for your loved one’s occasion adds a bit of fun and wonder to their birthday that everyone will love. There are so many different kinds that are perfect for any type of party you’re trying to plan.

Indoor Sparklers: 

When you’re trying to figure out the details of your surprise party, it’s important to remember where it’s being hosted. Most surprise parties are either held in someone’s house or at a restaurant. This is great because it helps with the surprise but might be hard to use the sparklers. Indoor sparklers are created to put out a minimal amount of smoke, making them safe to use indoors. Place them right on the cake and light them just as the birthday person walks in. These sparklers shine so bright, that your loved one will appreciate the thought.

Fountain Sparklers: 

Fountain sparklers are a great choice if you want to make a statement at the party. This type of sparkler is meant to shoot up sparks on top of the cake. Creating a beautiful fountain-like effect in the process. Fountain sparkers can be placed right on top of the cake, or you can create your spot for them. Either way, these sparklers are meant to get people talking. You can light them up as you sing Happy Birthday to your surprised loved on and watch them enjoy the sparks.

Number Sparklers: 

It’s always nice to add something about the birthday person to their cake. Especially when it comes to a surprise party surrounded by their loved ones. You can invest in several sparklers that let you add your loved one’s age as decoration. It doesn’t have to be a big milestone birthday; it can be just to celebrate getting another year older. This adds a sweet touch to the cake that your loved one will remember. You can arrange these sparklers for a specific age and light them up as soon as the party gets started.

Sparklers With Color: 

As much as sparklers are fun, some people might find them boring. Since they’re just one color, sometimes people want a bit more fun for their birthday. Adding colorful sparklers to the occasion will always get people talking. You can buy specific colors that match the party’s theme or your loved one’s favorite colors to add a personal flare. Once you light them up, the sparks turn into those beautiful colors, wowing everyone in the room. These sparklers add a visual appeal to the cake that puts everyone in a celebratory mood.

Sparklers in the Shape of a Heart: 

Surprise parties are all about showing love to the birthday person. It shows that you care enough about your friend or family member that you planned this experience for them. Add some extra love by investing in a heart-shaped sparkler that shows just that. This sparkler is shaped in the iconic symbol to set a loving mood for that person. Once you light it up, the sparks will fly around the heart, adding that special touch to someone’s cake. It’s a nice way to show how much you love the birthday person on their day.

The beauty of looking for birthday sparklers is going through the available different types. It’s nice to know that you have options that fit the vibe of the surprise party or birthday person. It’s best to consider the details of the party before choosing a sparkler right away. You don’t want to invest in the wrong one that either doesn’t match the theme or isn’t safe to light in the venue. Choosing the right sparkler creates life-long memories for the surprise party. Everyone will remember your attention to detail and the love that you showed for the special person.