Which of the Major Racing Sports is the Fastest?

There are many racing sports, each of them filled with adrenaline. Be it a race among individuals, or they’re using cars/motors to reach the end, the sport is always exhilarating. Well, if you’re a speed enthusiast and wondering which of the major racing sports is the fastest, then pause your research because we’ve found the answer, it’s motor racing. Let’s learn more about how it got the title of the fastest racing sport. 

The Fastest Racing Sport – Motor Racing 


Motor racing (also known as automobile racing or auto racing) is major motorsport in which automobiles race for the competition. This sport has existed since the invention of the automobile, and the first ever motor race was organized in 1867. The main purpose of most of these earlier events was to prove that these vehicles can act as a practical mode of transport. 

During that era, many automobile manufacturers also worked on developing their vehicles. Resultantly, by the 1930s, these cars were fully developed with the fastest speeds, and nowadays, they are available in many different categories.

Different Kinds of Motor Racing

Along with cars, the sport of motor racing also developed with time, and hence, different cars are involved in different kinds of racing sports, each with different rules and regulations. The major kinds of motor racing are mentioned below.

1. Open-wheel Racing


Open-wheel racing is further divided into two types, i.e. Formula One and the IndyCar Series. 

  1. Formula One – It is a worldwide series that runs only on race tracks and street circuits. These cars are equipped with advanced technology and aerodynamics. In 2005, one of the Formula One racers, Juan Pablo Montoya, hit the highest speed of 373 km/h. Some of the most prominent races are the British Grand Pix and Monaco Grand Pix. At the end of the season, World Championship drivers and constructors are crowned. The weight of a modern F1 car is around 13000 pounds with the driver, and a boast over 750 hp (horsepower), which is a magnificent power to weight ratio.  During a modern-day Formula 1 race, the driver can hit 3-5 gravitational forces. 
  2. IndyCar Series – IndyCars are not as technologically advanced but in terms of top speed, they’re miles ahead of the Formula One. Despite not being regulated, these cars are slower in acceleration. On the Indianapolis Motor Speedway oval track, IndyCars can hit 235 – 240 mph (378 – 386 km/h).  

2. Touring Car Racing


Production-derived race cars are used in touring car racing. The major championships in this type of racing are conducted worldwide and include British Touring Car Championship, the Supercars Championship (Australia), the World Touring Car Championship, and Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM). These cars don’t have some striking visuals, but in contrast, they may look like any other car you see on the road. Some of these are as follows,

  • Ford Sierra RS500With 220 bhp, this powerhouse with turbocharged 2 liters 16v Inline 4 petrol engines, comes with a bhp of 220 and it accelerates to 62 mph in 6.4 seconds. Its maximum speed is 153 mph. 
  • Nissan Skyline – It comes with a top speed of over 186 mph (300 km/h), and can also accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (0-97 km/h) in 4 seconds. 
  • BMW 3.0 CSL Batmobile – This powerful touring car covers 0-60 mph in 6.5 seconds. 

3. Sports Car Racing


In sports car racing, purpose-built sports prototype cars and grand tourers (GTs) compete within their respective classes on closed circuits. The main championship series of sports car racing is the FIA World Endurance Championship. The main sports cars that are used in the racing competition are as follows,

  • McLaren Speedtail – According to McLaren, Speedtail will soon hit 250 mph, making it the company’s fastest vehicle. 
  • Bugatti Veyron – It is the first production car that’s surpassed the 250 mph mark. In August 2005, fitted with an older version of the 8.0-liter W-16, the vehicle hit a top speed of 253.8 mph.
  • SSC Ultimate Aero – Somewhere in West Richland, this sports car hit a top speed of 256.1 mph that was held until 2010. 
  • Koenigsegg Agera R – in 2011, this car was used by a Swedish firm, to set some records for production cars. Although Agera R didn’t set a record for top speed, it was as fast as the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport at 260 mph.

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4. Production-car Racing


Production-car racing, also known as showroom stock in the United States, is an affordable and restricted (in terms of rules) version of touring-car racing and is used to restrict costs. There are many sub-categories of production-car racing, depending upon the making of different cars. 

  • Koenigsegg RegeraWith a bhp (brake horsepower) of 1479, Koenigsegg Regera only got one gear and is brilliant at pulverizing tires. In 1.8 seconds, this powerhouse goes from 0 to 60 mph, and in 10.9 seconds, it covers from 0 – 186 mph. 
  • Bugatti Chiron – Having the same bhp as Regera, Bugatti Chiron is a little bit faster than the Super Veyron. For now, it reaches 0 -60 mph in 2.3 seconds, but, according to a test run in Germany, it reached a top speed of 304.77 mph.
  •  Rimac Concept S – This bigger and better version of the Rimac Concept-Underscore-One has a bhp of 1384. With a top speed of 227 mph, it is equipped with an all-electric drivetrain, covers 0-62mph in 2.5 seconds, and 0-124 mph in 5.6secs.

5. Kart Racing


Kart racing, or karting, is known as the entry point of many serious racers into the sport of motor racing. For amateurs, it is an economical way to try racing and then take part in the game on the international level. The drivers of the car vary in age, including the young Fernando Alonso, and the legend Wayne Rainey.

Despite their not-so-gigantic sizes, most karts weigh 205 kg, and have a decent power-to-weight ratio (including the driver) of 490 hp/tonne, with a maximum speed of 40-50 mph, which is safe and controllable. With its average speed, drivers don’t have the risk of flying off the track or hurting others patrons, during the race. 

6. Drag Racing


In drag racing, the competitors complete a given straight line distance, on automobiles or motorcycles. The vehicles may vary from normal cars to a customized dragsters. The speed and elapsed time of different vehicles differ from class to class.

For example, an average street car takes 12 seconds to cover the ¼ mile, while a top-fuel dragster reaches a speed of up to 530 km/h (329 mph) in 4.5 seconds or less. A top fuel car generates a reading from 1.5 to 3.9 on the Richter scale and can be heard from a distance of 8 miles.

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Turning the Speed Down… 

We hope that with this article, you got to step into the speedy world of motor racing. Whether you’re a speed enthusiast or an aspiring racer, do your research before entering this exciting world, and select the right kind of motor racing, to kick start your career. There are different types of motor racing sports and because of the intricate designs and faster than ever speeds of vehicles used in these sports, people continue to watch these sports, to fill themselves up with the adrenaline!