When Should You Get Tested for Coronavirus?

COVID19 tests are now readily available in most areas and many people believe that everybody should be given one as standard.   If you present with symptoms, you will be given a COVID19 saliva test or a covid pcr test, but other than that, it’s up to you whether or not you want to have one. Rapid antigen test kits are also available in the market. Here are some reasons why you should consider getting tested for COVID19.

You Work With the Public:

People who work with the public and have continued to do so throughout the pandemic are at more risk of catching the coronavirus than those who have been able to work from home and mostly stay isolated. If your job means that you come into contact with different people every day, there’s a higher chance that you will be infected, even if your workplace has put safety measures in place. You may want to get tested for your peace of mind – and so that you can self-isolate and take time off work sooner rather than later if the test comes back positive. Same-day COVID19 tests are available, allowing you to get your results as quickly as possible.

You Have Been in Contact With Someone With COVID19:

COVID19 symptoms can sometimes take a couple of weeks to present themselves, so if you’ve been in any sort of contact with somebody who has received a positive test, it’s worth getting yourself tested too – even if they were not showing any symptoms when you spent time with them. The truth is that you don’t know if they were already infected with the virus by that point, and they may well have passed it onto you without you knowing, so getting a test will be the only way to find out. If you choose not to get a test, you should self-isolate for two weeks after coming into contact with somebody who has been diagnosed with coronavirus.

You Are Showing Symptoms:

The symptoms for COVID19 are also common symptoms for other ailments, like the common cold or flu, so don’t immediately panic if you’ve got a cough or you’re running a high fever. It could be something a lot less serious. However, for your peace of mind and to make it easier for you to know whether or not you should be self-isolating right now, it’s worth getting tested for COVID19. The most common symptoms are a high temperature, shortness of breath, a persistent new cough, tiredness, and a loss of taste and smell.

You Spend Time With Vulnerable People:

If you spend a lot of time with vulnerable people such as an elderly parent or a child with health conditions, it makes sense that you will want to know whether or not you are putting them at risk. Getting testing for COVID19 can help give you the peace of mind that you need before you spend time with people at a higher risk and help you make decisions in their best interests.

Testing for COVID19 is a quick and easy swab that you can get results back for quickly. If any of the above apply to you, it’s worth considering getting tested.