What’s The Easiest Way to Clean Gutters?

Gutters are designed specially to protect the landscaping and siding of the home. They prevent any kind of damage to the home’s foundation. Leaves, sticks, and other debris fall into the gutters in almost every season. But in autumn, this is insane because of leave fall, and it causes clogs and results in water creeping. Clogged gutters cause ice dams in the winter, and water creeps under the roof or sometimes even in the foundation, thus, damaging it. It is very important to clean the gutters often, check different gutter-cleaning methods, and clean them today! Gutter cleaning tools are the best way to clean the gutters without much effort.

How Often Should You Clean Gutters?

Gutters are not only taking care of our sewage system but are also protecting our house in a number of ways. They improve the durability of the house by catching rainwater and directing it away to the foundation. It is very important to clean gutters often for its proper functioning as, in another case, there are chances that it can weaken the foundation of the house. Clean the gutters at least once a year, and in case if you have overhanging trees, make sure to do it twice a year. Also, clean them after any big storms. Check all the areas carefully as clogs often occur where downspouts join the gutter system.  Also be sure to check out great services like strata gutter cleaning as well. It is a good decision to choose professionals to do the job of guttering.

Keep Yourself Safe!

Cleaning gutters is important, but keeping yourself safe is essential. Make sure to take extreme caution when working on high rooftops or ladders. So, before you break out your creative gutter cleaning tools, follow the following steps to keep yourself safe

1. Use an extension ladder for high rooftops.

2. Wear thick suede gloves and work goggles to protect your hands and eyes.

3. Don’t walk on the roof even if it’s necessary. Use an extension ladder to access the roof and gutters instead of leaning ‘downhill’ to reach the gutter. Leaning will increase the risk of falling while using a ladder is the safest.

4. Make sure you clear debris off the roof itself before you start cleaning your gutters. With this, gutters will not get clogged as soon as it rains. Use a broom or a leaf blower for this work.

5. Ask another person to hold the ladder while cleaning the gutters to ensure safety.

When you clean the gutters, don’t forget to clear out the downspouts. A flexible rod with a brush on end is the best for cleaning dryer vents and is also commonly used for this work. To make sure that downspout is clear all the way out, run the water in excess.

How to Clean Gutters?

1. Use Ladder

Get a good, sturdy, and extendable ladder. Place the ladder on a sturdy surface or use a ladder stabilizer to ensure safety. It will help to prevent damage to the gutter and is also best to have a helper while cleaning the gutters.

2. Dress Properly for the Job

Wear work pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and rubber gloves to protect your hands and eyes as cleaning the gutter is a dirty job.

3. Remove the Gunk from the Gutters

To remove gunk, use a small plastic scoop. You can get these scoops from any hardware store, or even a toy shovel will work fine. An old plastic kitchen spatula is a good option too, as they don’t damage the gutters. You can also get a gutter cleaning robot for this job.

4. Collect The Gutter Gunk

Collect all the gutter gunk by spreading a tarp underneath your workspace. This will protect your lawn and landscaping.

5. Clear out the Remaining Debris

Garden hose is perfect for flushing the gutters and downspouts once you’ve removed the debris from the gutters. This will help you clear out any remaining debris. Any leaks will also come to the front with this, and you can easily replace them before any further damage.


Gutter cleaning is essential, and you can get the best gutter cleaning tools for this purpose. Topguidepro.com also guides you about how you can clean the gutters in the best way with possible tools and techniques. Clean the gutters and protect your house foundation before it’s too late!