What Your Wine Taste Says About You

Ah, wine. Is there anything better? Drinking wine is about having fun, socializing and celebrating with the people you love, relaxing in the tub- It’s a versatile drink. Coming in a wide variety of flavors, ingredients, colors and types, it’s hard to not find at least one type of wine that you like. And what better way to get to your friends, and yourself, by knowing what your taste in wine says about you:

If you prefer Pinot Grigio

You’re a social butterfly. You love connecting with people and you like to be the center of attention. You prefer fun, relaxed, social gatherings over anything else in life. You also really appreciate beauty and are quite good at spotting it- whether that means appreciating someone’s sense of style or admiring a gorgeous sunset. You’re always prepared for a good time, and you know that you don’t have to search “liquor store near me” to find the perfect bottle of Pinot anymore when you could be using Saucey’s 30 minute delivery service.

If you prefer Cabernet Sauvignon

You’re a classic. You value tradition and you appreciate those who do things the right way. You love learning about history, exploring new cultures and appreciating the finer things in life. You appreciate beauty and artistry in everything, even down to your choice of wine.

If you prefer Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc

You’re light, bubbly and easy-going. You appreciate the little things in life and you tend to see the glass half full rather than half empty. People always feel comfortable around you because you can make anyone feel at ease. And you especially love hanging out with friends, exploring new places and trying out fun new recipes.

If you prefer Pinot Noir

You’re a deep thinker and a curious person. You value knowledge and understanding above all else- which is why you love spending time learning about different cultures and trying new things. And whenever you can, you like to spend time in nature, exploring the great outdoors and appreciating the wonders of our world.

If you prefer Moscato or Riesling

You’re a sweetheart. You have a caring heart and you always look out for others in need. No matter what life throws your way, your positive attitude is unwavering- even when it comes to your choice of wine. You love relaxing, exploring new places and having fun with friends. And you especially appreciate the finer things in life, like a beautiful glass of wine after a long day.

If you prefer Malbec or Merlot

You’re passionate and driven, both when it comes to your career and your personal life. You love experiencing new things and you never shy away from a challenge- even if that means sampling different types of wine. Whether it’s learning about different cultures or climbing the career ladder, you always give your best- no matter what.

If you prefer Zinfandel or Shiraz

You’re tough, energetic and bold. You’re not afraid to take risks, even if those risks require you to try out a new type of wine- and that’s ok. You always give your best wherever you go and you love working hard for what you believe in- whether that means climbing the career ladder or exploring new places with friends.

If you prefer Meritage or Field Blend

You’re a realist. You appreciate tradition and you love learning new things- but you also enjoy having fun with your friends and spending time relaxing with a glass of wine after a long day at work. And no matter where life takes you, you always keep an open mind and strive to see the beauty that surrounds you.

If you prefer Sparkling Wine or Champagne

You’re confident, energetic and dynamic. You love taking risks, exploring new places and having fun with your friends, especially over a glass of wine- Regardless of whether or not it’s specifically from the Champagne region. Whether it’s trying out different types or tasting a few bottles to see what tastes best-you do whatever makes you happy.

If you prefer Rose

You’re carefree and light-hearted. You love trying new things and meeting new people, especially over a glass of wine with friends. Whether it’s exploring a new city or taking an art class, you make the most out of every day. And your glass of wine is always half full- especially when you’re celebrating with friends, family and loved ones.

If you prefer Dessert Wine

You’re luxurious and elegant. You appreciate the finer things in life and you always make time to relax, even if that means sipping on a glass of wine after a long day at work. You love tasting new flavors and exploring new cultures- which is why you always appreciate a good bottle of dessert wine with friends or loved ones. Because of your luxurious personality, you always make time for the things that truly matter.

In Conclusion

What you prefer to drink says a lot about your personality, and no matter what type of wine is your favorite, there’s no doubt that you’re an amazing person. You love trying new things, meeting new people and spending time with loved ones- which is why we all love having the chance to relax and share a glass of wine with you. Cheers!