What Type of Windows to Choose for Your Kid’s Room

Are you looking for the best window for your kid’s room? Do you want energy efficiency benefits with advanced safety features? You will have many options that combine both, but you can consider the one that ensures easy operation and advanced safety. Also, you can install window openers to avoid hassles when operating the window.

Choosing the Best Windows For Kids’ Room

Next to sturdy furniture, safe windows are a vital element of a kid’s room. It is significant to pay special attention while choosing the best windows for your children’s den to ensure maximum safety. Here are a few properties that you need to consider before making an investment. 

1. Energy Saving

In order to ensure optimal room temperature and to protect the room from heat loss, energy-saving windows are highly recommended. They are featured with the lowest thermal transmission value to keep the room temperature pleasant, regardless of the weather conditions. 

2. Humidity and Fresh Air Inlet

Keeping the room window of kids open (during foul weather) can be dangerous for their health. In this scenario, a humidity-sensitive air inlet window can be a savior. It has the ability to adjust the humidity level inside the room automatically. Moreover, without opening the window, this feature provides fresh air, creating a comfortable room environment.

3. Noise Protection

Is your home situated next to a railroad or a busy street? Invest in windows with noise protection for your kid’s room. Windows with Sound Reduction Index R blocks external noises from entering the room. As a result, your kid can enjoy a quiet and comfortable sleep. Loud horns won’t scare the little ones anymore. Also, this feature lets grown-up children study peacefully in their rooms.  

4. Key Lock Handle

Kids love to explore everything including the windows. A key lock handle on the room’s window will make sure that they can’t open it in your absence. 

5. Durable Glass Panels

Apart from locks, the quality of window glass should also be considered important. The glass panel needs to be sturdy enough to withstand the child’s activities. A window that has a multi-layered structure is not easily breakable even when it is hit with something hard. 

6. Easy Maintenance

Small children love to show their creativity on everything, especially walls, doors, and windows. If your little one also likes to display his artistic skills likewise, then your windows have to be ‘easy to clean’. For example, PVC windows allow you to wipe the painting/drawings of the little artist immediately without compromising the frame of the window. 

Types Of Windows For Kids’ Rooms

Consider your kid’s age and check the interior design to find the best fit. We will cover the best window types in the following. You can check the features and find the most suitable one for your kid’s room. 

1. Casement Windows

These windows can offer better ventilation since they will remain open entirely, unlike your sliding windows. A casement window can open by rotating a hand crank at its bottom. The crank is easy to operate, and you can open or close your windows with one hand. The key benefit of this type is ventilation. Also, you will appreciate the durability and minimal maintenance requirements. However, the open window might pose safety risks, and your kid might injure the fingers when operating the window. Hence, you can consider this option for your teenager. 

2. Bay Windows 

The bay windows can be the best for kids’ rooms, and you can install safe window openers to boost their performance and durability. Also, you will love the look and feel of this window type. These windows will extend outward permanently and feature many angled window panels. You can expect advanced ventilation from this installation. Besides, these windows look exceptional and create a feeling of being outdoors. You can consider this type for all age groups due to the beautiful design and ventilation benefits. Also, the style and make will not cause any safety issues. 

3. Single Hung Windows 

Single-hung windows or vertical sliders can be the best option for small kids’ rooms. These windows can be perfect for your little one due to their design. You will get the required ventilation without experiencing any security issues. These windows look classic and allow plenty of light inside. However, you can consider safety covers when your kid can access the window. You can also install window openers to minimize the access of your kids.

4. Double Hung Windows

Another option is the double-hung windows. Many prefer this option since they can open both the top and bottom sash. However, you can only open the bottom sash if you consider the single-hung window. Also, you can expect better ventilation when installing double-hung windows. But you will have to spend more on this type. Also, the double-hung is a safer choice since you can close the bottom sash. It can be perfect when you have small kids.

5. Picture Windows

You will love the picture windows if you want a clear outside view. Since these windows come fixed, you cannot expect the best ventilation benefits. But you will find it safe to install in your kid’s room. 


All these windows will offer the desired durability and can transform the look if you choose the right match. You can consider your kid’s room size, interior design, and your child’s age when choosing from any of the above options.