What Type of Bird Control Services Are Available?

Have you noticed birds hanging out on your building? Are you worried that they are going to start nesting soon? While birds are fantastic creatures to watch in the wild, there are many pest species emerging in cities and different urban areas. They are causing a variety of problems, from aggression during nesting season to leaving a mess on property. What’s more, once a bird has made a nest, they are going to be protected by law and you will not be able to move them on freely.

The best thing you can do is that if you are seeing a pattern emerging with birds, you call in the experts straight away. A reputable bird control australia service provider offers bird control services that can offer you a solution before things progress. Let’s take a look at the different bird control services out there that are available for residential and commercial properties.

Anti-Bird Netting 

Another bird control service you can think about choosing involves using anti-bird netting. This can be a solution that is highly effective if you have an open space that birds like, as well as a roof or courtyard. The netting is attached to a perimeter framework cable with intermediate fixings. It can be a permanent or temporary proofing solution depending on the extent of your bird problem. Experts like Apex Bird Control can install anti-bird netting quickly and effectively. when you choose a professional team like them, this can avoid damaging your property. It can be installed in a way that promotes longevity. Thus, anti-bird netting is an effective way to prevent birds from nesting. It acts as a barrier they cannot get through.

Anti-Bird Mesh System

Next up is using an anti-bird mesh system. This is a solution that can be temporary or permanent depending on the severity of a bird infestation. One of the main reasons people choose an anti-bird mesh system is because it is robust and durable. So, if you have an area with high foot traffic, this may be the best solution. It is designed from rust-proof materials for withstanding different weather conditions and it can cover a large area. It acts as a barrier to birds that want to nest. What’s more, with a range of colours, you can choose an anti-bird mesh system that is going to blend in with your property.

Anti-Bird Spike System

Do you have a lot of ledges on your building? This can become a favourite spot for a lot of birds to rest and nest. In particular, this is going to be the case if the ledges are high up on a building and are sheltered. This is an area you cannot access easily, which will allow birds to settle and build a nest. Once this is done, you will not be able to remove them. What’s more, they can cause a range of different problems. Not only can there be an unsightly mess, but they can also cause drainpipe blockages when they are trying to build their nests.

This is a situation where you should consider an anti-bird spike system. This is going to prevent birds from landing on the ledges and settling there. It is a humane system that is not designed to harm birds. In particular, the spikes are going to take up the space on the ledge and mean that birds cannot land on them. When they are unable to land on the ledges, the birds will move on somewhere else. There is no maintenance required for an anti-bird spike system so once it is installed, you can forget it is there.  But, you will notice that you have solved your bird problem.

Hawking and Bird Scaring

Remember that birds are going to be very protective over their young and know when there is a threat. They will easily move on to another spot to live if they think an area is not safe for them. This is something that has led to the introduction of hawking and bird scaring. This is when predatory birds are used to move birds away from a certain area.

It is important to note that hawking and bird scaring is not a harmful solution. They will not attack the birds and they are going to simply make the area less attractive for birds looking to nest. Flight plans are created especially for your needs and this is a humane way to deal with the problem you are having.