What to Look for When Choosing Baby Boy Wear for Pictures?

A photo session for any purpose is a good idea for one reason, memories! As a newborn parent, one of the things you may not want to miss on your to-do list is a photo session for your baby.

Photo session comes with a lot of demand on preparedness. Among the most common things to prepare is to answer this question, how do I dress my child for pictures? The reason is you want your baby to look gorgeous as you imagine. You also want a memory that will shine 30 years later. 

Thirdly, if you are blessed with a baby boy, finding baby boy clothes could be challenging since their varieties are few compared to baby girl clothes. So, it might take a long time to choose them.

So, let’s discuss some things to consider when choosing baby boy clothes for a photo session.

The Colour of the Clothes

The colour of what your baby will wear is a vital factor for the success of the photo shoot. You want to choose clothes with colours that do not attract attention. Clothes that are noticeable or overbearing in the picture could quickly bring distraction, affecting the photo’s objectivity.

Therefore, you may want to select clothes in soft neutral colours like white, cream, grey, soft pink or blue. This colours;

  • Look beautifully fresh on every skin tone.
  • They allow your baby to be in the spotlight.
  • They are classy and timeless and aggregate all interior styles.

Fitness of the Clothes

It is challenging to track clothes sizes for someone who grows each hour. Babies move through the phases of clothes not fitting, too big, or today they fit; tomorrow they are tight. For these reasons, you might dress your baby in clothes that look lovely but big.

It is important to note that big clothes could drown your baby. This leads to the losing details of how small they are. Remember, the key factor in a photo session is the child and their size. Therefore choose clothes that fit well to bring out their real size.

Clothes with Patterns, Pictures or Words

The main reason for the pictures session is to capture your baby. The main focus of the photographs is your baby. Choosing clothes with too many features can be distracting and takes the viewer’s attention away. Also, such clothes are not as timeless as plain clothes; they can date your pictures quickly.

Like everything else, too much of something is poisonous. A bit of pattern can account for a lot of interest in your photos, but too much can be overpowering. You may not want to choose too black or white to keep the focus on your child.

Lastly, clothes with patterns can absorb the baby’s attention since babies are easily destructed. This could make it difficult for the photographer to capture some pictures in certain positions. Therefore avoid clothes with too many patterns or pictures.


Photographs of your baby are important for memory keeping. Baby clothes are a factor you should invest in to make the picture adorable. 

When shopping for photo session clothes, consider the clothes’ colour, size and features, among other things like texture. These elements affect the outcome of the photography, as elaborated above.