What to Look For in a Reliable Electric Toothbrush

Dental hygiene is essential in promoting healthy gums and teeth. When you observe acceptable dental practices, you will keep dental diseases at bay and encourage your mouth and teeth’ full functionality. When choosing a toothbrush, it is essential to consider its qualities to help promote good oral hygiene.

Your cleaning tactics come in handy too. An electric toothbrush is a revamp from a manual toothbrush with its effectiveness in plaque removal, eliminating the probability of developing gum diseases.

Typically, it would be best to look out for specific aspects that can help you pick out a good quality brand apart from the straightforward brush head, size, and shape, which might cross your mind for you to choose the right and durable electric toothbrush instantly. Below is a detailed guideline to help you select a good and reliable electric toothbrush.

The Timer

When using a manual toothbrush, it is up to you to time your cleaning. An electric toothbrush saves you the hassle by implementing an automatic timer directing you on how long you should clean your teeth. The time is two minutes, as recommended in dental hygiene.

An electric toothbrush has a two-minute timer, which goes off when time elapses. The timing is to ensure you have cleaned all areas in your mouth.

Reliable Quadpacer

A quadpacer in an electric toothbrush will direct you on the cleaning phases throughout your mouth. As earlier explained, it is advisable to brush your teeth for two minutes. An electric toothbrush will help you distribute your time equally throughout different sections of your mouth. Typically, two minutes translate to 120 seconds. Quadpacers will break down the latter into four equal timeframes of 30 seconds each.

For each 30 second timeframe, you will clean a designated section. It includes the right side upper jaw, right side lower jaw, left side upper jaw, and the left side lower jaw. As expertly reviewed in this comparison, the quad pacer signals you to move to the next section for every time lapse. A reliable quad pacer in an electric toothbrush serves you with two significant aspects. First, you will give each section of your mouth equal attention to avoid overly concentrating on one side and giving less attention to another. Secondly, you won’t forget to clean any side.

Pressure Sensor

When using a manual toothbrush, the pressure applied to your teeth and gums is dependent on the force you apply using your hands. However, an electric toothbrush has an inbuilt pressure sensor mechanism, which will signal you that you are exerting too much pressure.

Brushing too hard may enjoy your gums, which increases the risk of developing an infection. When an electric toothbrush senses the excess pressure, it signals the motor to slow down.

Automation and Smart Features

An electric toothbrush has fully embraced technology in its use. For instance, a reliable electric toothbrush has a smart notification that indicates when you should replace your toothbrush head. Plus, you can also choose one that can connect with apps and Bluetooth to sync communication with your device. You can also check out for the smart motion tracking, which directs you how you can improve your cleaning, depending on the detectable motions in your previous cleaning.

Furthermore, a brush which automatically turns off after cleaning is incredible. Plus, you may also want a toothbrush that makes minimal noise with its electric motor when brushing.

Battery Capacity and Longevity

For an electric toothbrush, you need a battery to run. Therefore, the size and battery capacity will differ from one brand to another. Good battery life is ideal as it will serve you for longer. Plus, it is also convenient if you are away from home, and getting a charging spot is an uphill task.

Furthermore, think of instances when you travel frequently. An electric toothbrush with a casing is more comfortable to carry around with its portability. It also enhances the safety of your toothbrush with particular attention to the brush head and bristles.

Cleaning Modes and Brushing Intensity

An electric toothbrush with extra cleaning modes is a bonus. For instance, apart from the daily clean, which is the standard operating setting across all electric toothbrushes; you may look out for others. They may include extra gum care enhancement, teeth whitening assistance, and even tongue cleaning mode.

When the electric toothbrush mode changes, you may feel two significant effects. Typically, the power from the electric motor through the brush head will change. Thus, you will feel the bristle sensations differently. Additionally, the time duration will also be different. The more cleaning a section requires, the more time the brush head will move with the bristles.

An electric toothbrush gives a smart approach to making cleaning fun, more pleasant, and ultimately more effective. Plus, the pricing matters too as you will select one affordable within your financial capacity. Aside from a good electric toothbrush, you can also consider professional teeth polishing with this family dentist in ballwin for better overall dental health.