What To Know If Your Buying an Electric Bike As a Gift

An electric bike is an innovative gift idea. Choosing the right model from a growing selection of e bikes for sale calls for basic knowledge about the recipient and electric bikes. Gift givers should have a general sense of the rider’s height and weight and consider the ways in which a person on their gift list is likely to use an e bike. A little background information makes it easier to select the right bike frame size, such as electric bicycles for men or women.

The Recipient’s Riding Style

The lifestyle of the person you intend to give an e bike can help to determine the best bike to buy. Cruiser and hybrid bikes are the two main types of electric bikes. Cruisers and hybrids are both considered comfort bikes, but there are several important differences between these styles.

Cruiser bicycles feature vintage frame geometry and styling. Wide whitewall tires provide a smoother, slower ride over paved or dry terrain. Hybrid designs are all-purpose bikes suitable for riding off-road. These frames support traveling at faster speeds by manual pedal power, with pedal assistance or driven entirely by electric power.

Rider Height and Weight

Having a general sense of the height and weight of a rider is also crucial when selecting a bicycle frame. Many adult bikes support riders measuring anywhere between five and six feet in height and weighing up to 250 pounds. Youth and larger bike and adult trike sizes may also be available. Make sure that the frame you select will fit the intended recipient.

The height of a rider and geometry of a frame come together to determine the riding and pedal position. Proper alignment can reduce strain and soreness after riding with manual pedal power or pedal assistance. Pedal position is also important for comfort when using full electric power.

Simple Electric Bike Specifications

Riders who cover longer distances can benefit from a bike with a 500 watt hour battery. This battery enables an e bike to travel up to 28 miles per hour with pedal assistance or 20 mph full electric, depending on the frame design. A bike with a 250W battery is more affordable, but has a lower top speed of around 24 mph with pedal assist or 15 mph full electric.

In addition to comparing the top speeds of cruiser or hybrid bike models, a gift giver should also confirm that the range matches a recipient’s riding style. An e bike with a 250W battery has a range of about 30 miles with pedal assist or 15 miles full electric. Upgrading to a 500W battery extends the range up to 40 miles with pedal assistance or 20 miles full electric.

When gifting an electric bike, it is helpful to match the recipient’s riding style to model specifications. Selecting the right battery and build calls for a sense of whether the recipient is a recreational rider or commuter likely to rely on pedal assist or full throttle features to cover longer distances. The gift of the right electric bike can make riding more enjoyable.