What to Know About Duralast Batteries

Duralast batteries are among the most popular brands for fast and reliable replacements for a variety of vehicles. Not only are there options for practically every auto from the last few decades, the company offers performance tier battery builds with the warranty to back them under the Duralast Gold and Duralast Platinum brands, as well as a line of heavy-duty batteries built for professionals. In addition to the robust offerings for car and truck batteries, Duralast also produces lines aimed at marine craft, small engine equipment like riding mowers, and even batteries designed specifically for power sports. Both the small engine lawn & garden line and the power sport line also have performance offerings under the Duralast Gold brand, too. So how do you pick the right battery?

Selecting a Duralast Car Battery

If you’re not sure whether you need a battery but you suspect you do, it’s a good idea to go in to a store with free battery testing to see if your voltage output has dropped below the ideal range. This indicates an aging battery that may not be able to keep up with the demands of all the accessories. Other ways to check on the stamina of your battery? Point the headlights at a wall or garage door and see what happens when the engine idles up and down. If they visibly dim when the engine speed slows, that’s a sign the battery is having trouble stepping in for the alternator when its power generation drops off. Picking the right battery is easy if you do need one, because Duralast matches battery designs to the requirements of OEM vehicle specs. All you need to do is decide what kind of Duralast battery to buy:

  • Classic OE replacement batteries enjoy the standard two year Duralast battery warranty
  • Duralast Gold batteries are built with higher CCA than OE batteries and come with a three year warranty
  • Platinum batteries enjoy a three-year warranty and superior construction using AGM technology

For the strongest start in cold weather and the longest battery life through changing seasons, Duralast Platinum offers the best build, but AGM batteries do not do well in extreme heat. As a result, Duralast Gold is recommended for performance battery replacements on vehicles that typically experience extreme heat. Since the advantages of AGM are primarily in its cold weather performance, it makes sense to opt for the Gold in climates that don’t regularly freeze anyway.

What If It’s Not the Battery?

If a battery test shows that your battery is doing fine but you’re still having issues like dimming headlights when you drive or low cranking amps after the car has been sitting a while, it’s time to get a full electrical system diagnosis. It could be an issue with the alternator, voltage regulator, or wiring. It could also be a short in a component causing a draw while the vehicle is off, and it will hurt the battery over time if it goes unaddressed. The best way to keep a good battery in good health is to fix any other electrical issues that regularly drain it.