What is the best way to renovate a bathroom?

Your bathroom is one of the personal spaces in the home that should be paid attention to. Over the years, your taste may change and this may necessitate the need to remodel your bathroom to match your current lifestyle, preferences, and style.

To remodel your bathroom, you need to be aware of the best way to approach the project, after all, as your personal space, you will need it to come out perfect.

In this article, top bathroom and kitchen renovation experts, New Look Markham Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations, will take you through the best way to renovate your bathroom with ease.

When planning on renovating your bathroom, many considerations should take the front seat, however, the most important of it all is the professional that will handle the project. The chances of success depend on the experience and expertise of the remodeling contractor.

If you have had the luck of choosing the best remodeling contractor for your bathroom, the following are the next big considerations to put in perspective.

– Budget

One of the most important aspects of your bathroom renovation project is the budget. The amount of money that you have to spare for the project will determine the type of renovation contractor you will hire, the extent of the renovation, the materials to be used, and other key factors.

When setting a budget for your bathroom renovation project, it is essential for you to be as realistic as possible. Consider that a bathroom renovation project is an improvement to the value of your home.

If you are unable to set a budget, you may want to speak to a bathroom renovation contractor to give you an idea of the cost of the desired design and materials that you wish to use for the project.

– Type of bathroom

As part of the considerations for the success of your bathroom renovation project, you need to make up your mind regarding the type of bathroom that you want. Bathrooms are available in different sizes, styles, designs, color options, and more. You may have to speak to your bathroom renovation contractor to choose the best layout and design for you.

There are different bathroom types that you can choose from including the standard bathroom, half bathroom, and the wet bathroom.

– Develop a layout

After you have settled on the budget and the type of bathroom that most appeals to you, you need to consider the layout of the bathroom also. The layout will help you to better finalize your choice of design. If the space available is too small to accommodate the type of bathroom design you have chosen, you can make adjustments to your choices to match the available space.

In most cases, when choosing the layout of your new bathroom, it is economical to choose a layout that is close to the existing bathroom design. Changing the entire layout of the bathroom may drive up the cost of your renovation project as you will have to do heavy plumbing rearrangements.

– Bathtub or not

While some people fancy bathtubs, others do not care much for it. You need to make this decision early on to ensure that your new bathroom comes together nicely to mirror the image you have drawn up in your mind.

If you choose to install a bathtub, you should give consideration to the brand that you chose. The quality of the brand will also determine how expensive the installation may be.

– Lighting

As with every other area in the home, lighting is essential. You need to determine which type of lighting works best for you and how to achieve it. While some people love natural lighting, others feel it can be inadequate at some times and therefore choose artificial lighting. Choosing both natural and artificial lighting, however, gives you the best advantages from both worlds.

– Ventilation

One of the most overlooked aspects of a bathroom is ventilation. Lack of proper ventilation can easily destroy the calm you had in mind for your personal space. Working closely with your renovation contractor to determine the best approach to ventilation can save you from common problems like mold.

As part of the ventilation options to consider, you can choose exhaust fans, windows and window vents, or a combination of both options.

– Pick comfort and luxury

A great way to make yourself feel at home in your bathroom is to add a feel of luxury to the personal space. Speak to your renovation contractor on the possibility of adding fixtures like a heated floor, wall-mounted features, and heated towel rail.