What is the Best Brand of Interior Paint?

Many people believe that buying a can of paint is the easiest part of a painting project. However, when they go to a store, they are always shocked by the wide range of options there is to select from. Each day, there is a new brand or product out on the shelves, and this makes selection a bit more complicated than it should be. Selecting the perfect brand to achieve the best interior painting outcome does not have to be hard. To save you from wasting money on trial and error until you find the brand that works for you, we have provided the information that you need to make a selection below.

Start with Sheen and Color 

Your interior space needs to mirror your preferences. Before going out to the market in search of a brand of paint to buy, you should start by understanding the sheen and color of paint that will work best for your indoor space. When choosing the indoor color, a lot of factors should come into consideration. First, you should consider the existing furniture and its color. You do not want to end up with a paint color that will stand out from other items in your interior space. For the best outcome, you can try a couple of the desired paint colors on a small patch of your wall to gauge how well it matches the existing décor.

The sheen of the paint color is also important. Please note that the sheen varies by brand. This means that some brands offer lighter and glowing sheen compared to others. While deciding the perfect color for your interior space, you should also consider the sheen. You may speak to a painting contractor in your community to get help. After selecting these two, visit the nearest paint store to start shopping. Before making a buying decision, be sure to look at the paint chips offered by the store. A general rule of thumb is that the lighting in the paint store has been optimized to make you see things in a different light. Step outside to see the paint chip in natural light. This will help you to decide whether you have made the right decision or not. It is important to note that paint color often reacts to the amount of natural light, so buying paint during the daytime is best.

After selecting the right paint color, buy small containers of the paint for testing. If you are painting more than one room in your house, get a heavy paper, paint over it and take it from room to room to gauge how the paint reacts to natural and artificial light. If the entire process appears too stressful, you can take a cue from other homes in your neighborhood.

Pick Your Paint

The choice of your paint color does not really matter if you select a poor brand. Poor brands of paint will not give you the desired outcome, and that is why the brand you choose is important. A study of paints and paint brands revealed that economy grades of paints are cheap to purchase but do not offer the luxury appearance that most buyers expected. Furthermore, the paint doesn’t last as long when compared to premium or luxury brands. One of the biggest advantages of premium brands is that they are designed to hide blemishes and imperfections on surfaces. Some paints have even been developed to cut the priming phase from the application process.

Types of Interior Paint Finishes


This is the best paint finish for hiding blemishes and imperfections on surfaces. However, they are no easy to clean and maintain. If you wish to use this paint finish, it is recommended for low-traffic areas in the home.

Eggshell and Satin  

This paint finish is recommended for smooth and well-prepared surfaces. It offers a better shine that can bolden imperfections. Eggshells and satins are easy to clean and can be used in kid’s rooms, family rooms, and areas with high traffic.


These paint finishes are formulated essentially for stains. They are the easiest to clean and can be used in areas prone to stains like the kitchen, kid’s rooms, bathroom walls, and other surfaces.

The Best Paint Brand


Behr is the leading paint production company offering both water and oil-based interior and exterior paints. The company also has a line of primers. These products are available at Home Depot. Interested painters or DIY enthusiasts can explore the wide range of product options offered by the company, including cleaners and specialty finishes. The range of specialty finishes includes wood-flooring coatings, masonry waterproofers, and Venetian plasters.