What does hail damage insurance cover?


Hailstorms are unpredictable and cause severe damage to the property. It is a common problem for homeowners, and so they claim insurance coverage after such property damage. The homeowners’ insurance policies cover hail damage along with other structural property damage. It is included in Coverage A or the dwelling protection coverage, which provides much-needed financial support to the property owner for the repair works after the damage. In case the insurance companies deny the payment of the claim, you can resort to the assistance of professional insurance claim lawyers to negotiate on your behalf to get the proper amount of the insurance return.

Hail Damage Insurance for Home

Usually, the covered structure is included in the policy where the damage inflicted on the roof, windows, porch are covered in the insurance. In some cases, damages inflicted on the house’s exterior surface are also included in the insurance. The hail insurance cover also depends on the terms of the deductible and limits selected by the policyholder. In the USA, the policy regulations vary according to the state. So, if you are a resident of Florida, it is better to Contact a Hail Damage Insurance Claim Lawyer in Florida to avoid any confusion regarding the aspects covered by the policy.

Generally, the home insurance policies include hail damage coverage. It is part of the structural damage inflicted upon the property like the roof, windows, porch, garage, etc. There are a separate set of regulations about the damage inflicted upon parts detached from your house in some policies. Hail damage claims are pretty common, and around 70 % of all home insurance claims account for it. For home insurance policies, the hail damage is included in the hazards insurance of dwelling protection coverage. This coverage is essential as it helps the homeowner pay for the repair works and renovation after the physical damage inflicted upon it by the hailstones. 

Before selecting the insurance policy, you must carefully read the terms and conditions to find out whether the weather-related damages are covered or not when insuring homeowners policy. Since the laws about insurance policies vary in each state of the USA, you should learn beforehand about the clauses. If you make any policy change before the damage, it will be helpful for you. However, policy changes after the incident will not be taken into account by the insurance companies.

Hail damage Insurance Coverage for Vehicles 

Hailstones also leave dents on the car and break the windows. Thus, it is necessary to have hail damage insurance coverage for your vehicle as well. However, it depends on your auto coverage. If the policy starts before the damage, the hail damage inflicted upon your car is covered by comprehensive coverage, a prominent insurance option for your vehicle. In addition, if the vehicle suffers from any damage other than a roll-over or collision, the coverage can provide monetary support in repairing the car. After the damage, you must report the insurance claim and estimate the damage from the insurance carrier.

Assessing the damage

Before filing for hail damage insurance coverage, you need to assess the degree of the damage caused by the severe hailstorms. For this purpose, you can also hire a professional. For instance, if the roof shingles of your house are damaged after a hailstorm, you can hire an independent roofer. If the individual roofer verifies the damage, you can immediately apply for the insurance claim. You can get in touch with your homeowners’ insurance company to explain to them in detail about the incident, provide the photographs, verification certificate of the individual roofer, and mention what the independent roofer has recommended repair works.

Claiming for Insurance Return 

The insurance companies now adhere to stringent policies about payment of the claim returns due to an increase in the number of claim applicants for hail damage insurance. For instance, if the shingles are damaged, and no dents are formed, they tend to reject the claim. However, if the damage causes roof damage and water leakage, the company accepts the claim petition. So, while dealing with these issues, you must consult with a professional. You should contact Louis Law Group, a Hail Damage Insurance Claim Lawyer in Florida to deal with the insurance claim and negotiate on your behalf to ensure maximum claim return. Instead of shouldering all responsibilities by yourself, you should consult an expert in this field. The insurance claim lawyers are well aware of the grounds on which the insurance companies reject the hail damage insurance claims. So, the lawyer can prepare the case accordingly and devise the perfect strategy for negotiating with the company for better insurance returns. This financial support would help you to execute the renovation of the damaged roof or vehicle.

Claiming for hail damage does not generally increase the insurance premium. However, if you make several small claims for hail damage, your insurance premium may increase. It happens because the insurance companies raise the premiums of the policies for homeowners dwelling in hail-prone areas to cover the numerous claims made by such homeowners. The process of filing for a hail damage insurance claim requires the payment of the deductibles. It is based on the degree of the damage inflicted by the hailstones. Sometimes the deductible amount may prove to be more expensive than the renovation expenses. So, at first, you must assess the level of damage and get it done by a professional roofing contractor. Based on the report, you can decide whether you want to file the claim or not. If the damage is not severe, you can use your savings instead of claiming the insurance for the repair works. It would save your expense over the payment of deductibles. However, it is necessary to resort to insurance returns to bear the repair expenses in case of massive damage.


So, to ensure the safety and security of the house, you must buy insurance for hail damage. Again, while filing for the hail damage insurance claim, you should seek the guidance of an experienced attorney who would guarantee maximum insurance returns, as per Lawyer Roll website.

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