What Are The Pros And Cons of Hiring a Moving Company When You Need to Move?

Moving entails a lot of activities. You need to plan properly, choose a date, sort and pack up your belongings, dispose of the junk, and pay hefty costs. Not to mention you also need to use much of your time and energy in the process. As such, it’s little wonder if you have already thought of hiring a moving company to help you in the relocation process.

Yet, deciding to get professional help is not an easy task either. To be able to arrive at a smart decision, you must know what are the risks and benefits and then weigh if hiring a moving company is actually worth it. After all, moving out is also an emotional journey. As you’ll leave all the memories of your old home, you just want to start right and make moving a successful experience.

With that, read on to find the essential pros and cons of hiring a moving company, helping you make the best decision for your family and your relocation.

Pros of Hiring A Moving Company

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A moving company won’t simply provide you with a means of transportation and additional manpower. Getting their professional help allows you to enjoy several amazing benefits, which include:

1. Better Safety

Among the primary perks of hiring a moving company is ensuring the safety of your belongings and property. Safety is one of the most crucial things when making a house move. When utmost safety is observed, you can expect the process to go smoothly and worry-free.

Safety of Your Belongings

Professional movers are adequately trained, have ample years of experience, and have the proper skills and technical know-how to execute the move, guaranteeing the safety of your items.

Expect them to handle your items with professional care at all times. They won’t drop your smart TV, bump your antique furniture into doors or corners, or mistakenly stack a heavier box over a lighter one, things you may more likely commit should you decide to do the relocation yourself.

In addition, moving companies also have the proper tools, supplies, and trucks that further help them do the job safely and efficiently and prevent damages during the process. Regardless of the weather, road, and traffic conditions, you can be confident they will safely drive your belongings to your new home.

Meanwhile, professional movers are also very familiar with the different challenges and risks involved in the moving process. They know how to avoid issues or overcome problems should they arise, greatly reducing the risks of damages to your valuables.

Safety of Your Property

Not only are your belongings safe, but your old and new property as well. Professional movers take the necessary precautions during the move-out and move-in process to protect your old and new abode from damage. From carpet protectors, moving blankets, corner guards, plywood sheets, etc., they will use all the required protection tools to avoid dents, dings, and scratches on your floor, walls, doors, windows, stairs, etc. Plus, moving companies also utilize other special tools, such as sliders, straps, cranes, and dollies, to move out and move in your items to your new home the safest way possible.

2. Insurance Coverage

When moving on your own, you’ll likely require a few helping hands and seek help from friends and family. While it can be a fun experience, their lack of skills and experience makes them prone to injury or to incurring damage to your items and property.

When an accident happens, you’ll absorb all the costs for the treatment or the damage. That’s also the case should any of your belongings get damaged or lost on the way.

If you hire a moving company, you can be more at ease as your precious possessions can be protected by the mover’s insurance they offer. Ideally, they will take all your belongings to your new home completely and without a scratch. However, if any mishap occurs, the moving company will take full responsibility for all the damages and compensate you for it. 

Insurance coverage alone is a major factor in why you should hire a moving company when you need to move. Doing so will make you feel safeguarded throughout the relocation process.

3. Saves You Time

Time is a huge concern moving house. There are simply many things to do aside from the packing and actual move, like taking care of the paperwork, filing for an address change, getting utility services, saying goodbyes, etc. If you’re working full-time or running a home business as a stay-at-home mom, chances are you have a tighter schedule. Thus, making it harder to attend to all these tasks, given that you also need to focus on your job and family.

That’s where hiring a moving company becomes beneficial. Packing an entire household can take you a few months to complete, something that professional movers can accomplish in a few days. They will take out your belongings and transport them to your home in a timely manner.

These experts acknowledge that you may not have ample time for it all, so they will take charge of the move for you so that you can take care of everything else. As you do, they have accomplished the job before you even know it.

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4. Saves You Energy

Let’s be honest! Moving is a laborious task that will require much of your energy. From packing lots of boxes, cleaning your old and new home, and carrying bulky furniture and other heavy items, there’s also lots of physical work to be done aside from the other preparations. Without proper training, all these tasks can easily make you feel drained and dog-tired, as well as make you prone to muscle injuries, back strain, hernia, and other health problems.

If you decide to get a moving company, professional movers will save you from all the effort and risks involved in relocating. They will pack all your stuff, do the heavy lifting, load all your items into the truck, disassemble and assemble furniture, and do all other physical work. You won’t need to lift a finger, and you can allot your energy to other important things.

5. Less Stress

Moving can also be stressful and chaotic, particularly if you’ve never done it before. Hiring a reliable moving company can be beneficial, as they will take much of the stress off your shoulders. Leaving them to handle the overall for you can be very relieving and allow you to focus on other things like your work or looking after the kids.

No need to worry about packing and getting the supplies, your tight schedule, thinking about who among your friends to call for help, and rushing things. While a stress-free moving day may seem like a dream, that can actually turn into a reality when you get professional moving assistance.

6. Saves You Money in the Long Run

Though hiring a moving company means paying upfront expenses that you’ll avoid if you decide to move yourself, opting for the former can actually help you save in the long run, particularly if you need to move long distance.

The farther your new home is, the more you can save. That’s because you only pay for a flat rate on the distance when hiring a professional mover. If you do it on your own, you must buy packing supplies and equipment and pay for the moving truck, gas, tolls, meals, and gifts for your friends who came to help. If you don’t pack and organize your belongings efficiently, you may need to go back and forth. Thus, resulting in more expenditures and, eventually, exceeding the moving company’s flat rate fee.

Hopefully, there would be no accidents, such as your plasma TV breaking, your new hardwood cracking, or your friend breaking his arm. Otherwise, you will shell out more money for repairs, replacements, and medical care – further losses you wouldn’t have to incur if you hire a moving company.

Cons of Hiring A Moving Company

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While it offers a good share of perks, hiring professional movers also has some disadvantages and risks, which include:

1. Requires Trust

One thing that you must accept when getting a moving company is that your things will be taken care of by strangers. Having them go through all your valuable personal stuff and sentimental items and packing them might feel weird.

Though you can give them an overview of what you’d like to happen prior to the scheduled date, you can breathe down their necks. After leaving, you also won’t know what’s happening with your belongings until they reach your new home, something that’s also a bit nerve-wracking.

In addition, you must also ensure that you can trust the movers themselves before opening your doors to them. For your best interest, make sure to check reviews and ratings thoroughly when looking for a moving company to avoid untrustworthy movers who may steal some of your items or get ideas about your new home, which can be risky for you and your family.

2. Moving Scams Exist

As mentioned earlier, not all movers are trustworthy. Some moving companies aren’t there to help you but rather to rip you off should you lower your guard or fail to do extensive research. If you’re not cautious enough, you can easily become a victim of moving scams and lose your hard-earned money and belongings. With that, always check if the moving company is dependable, licensed, and insured. If you’re in the United States, you can also visit the American Moving and Storage Association website to see the list of reliable movers.

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3. Less Flexibility

One of the biggest perks of doing the house move on your own is having full control of the process. 

That won’t be the case when you hire a moving company, as some of them are stricter and less flexible. If you decide on a moving day, you must be ready to move that day. If not, expect to pay hefty rescheduling or cancellation fees.

Meanwhile, you also have to follow their schedule. That can be a problem, especially if you’re moving during peak times, such as weekends, summer, or holidays. Expect to be waitlisted or settle for a day that may not be your preferred choice.

Lastly, moving companies tend to have allotted hours for the process. They will try to finish everything within the given timeframe, so don’t be surprised to feel rushed on your moving day. If you’re someone who’d like to be in full control, then hiring a moving company may not be your best bet.

4. Costly

Of course, money won’t go out of the picture. Moving isn’t cheap and when you get professionals to do the job, you have to pay for their work. Typically, moving companies will charge you for the distance, the total weight of your belongings, the needed supplies, and the labor and time required to complete the job.

Though these fees often come at a flat rate, they will still cost more than DIY moving, especially if you’re only moving to a nearby location. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s best to reach out to different moving companies, get a quote, and compare the prices to help you make the best choice in terms of costs. Still, never forget that while you spend some more money, hiring a moving company will deliver your items safely to your new abode.

Hiring A Moving Company Vs. DIY Moving: Factors to Take Into Account

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If those pros and cons of hiring a moving company still can’t help you decide if it’s the best method of moving for you, here are some factors to take into account whether to hire professional movers or move yourself:

  • Amount of Stuff: Among the primary considerations you need to take is the amount of stuff you’d be moving. If your house is full of furniture, appliances, gym equipment, and other bulky stuff, it’s wiser to get a moving company to do it for you. Again, that will save you time and effort, as these moving experts can pack, load, transport, and unload your stuff for you while you devote your attention to other more important things.
  • Schedule: If you’re relocating for a job that will start in a few weeks, you may not have ample time to do all the activities involved in the moving process. If that’s the case, a moving company can take care of things for you as you continue to work and keep other things sorted. If you’re not on a deadline and have a more flexible schedule, then you may consider DIY moving.
  • Distance: Another thing to consider is how far you plan to move. Suppose it’s only a short distance, like a few blocks from your old home or on the next street, then DIY moving with the help of your friend and family may be the best option. However, if you’re planning to move long distance, such as to the next city or to a different state, it will make more sense to get the help of a moving company. 
  • Capability: It’s also best to assess if you have the physical means and if you have family and friends available to lend a hand. If yes, you may DIY move. If you have kids who you need to look after or have limited mobility, a moving company will cover all the physical effort needed and save you from the risks of injuries and damages.
  • Value of Your Possessions: Are you keeping an antique clock you inherited from your grandparents, a vase collection and a number of other fragile items? If yes, hiring a moving company and paying for their service is worth it. These moving experts have the proper tools and equipment to transport all your valuables safely and securely, helping you avoid any huge loss.


Moving to a new place can be a daunting task, but you can turn things around and make everything fun and enjoyable by using all the information above about moving companies. Check all the perks, but don’t skip on the downsides of hiring a moving company before making your final decision.