What are the features and benefits of Curved Shower Doors?

Nothing is quite as modern, sleek, and elegant as a curved glass shower enclosure, but the question is whether they are also reasonably priced. The advantage of a curved shower enclosure is that it makes the most of the area. Our slick opening bearing systems and delicate design elements further highlight the seamless contours of these bathing rooms. Learn more about these systems’ advantages, the most common curved glass shower types, application possibilities, and some of the more affordable alternatives in the sections below.

Types of Curved Shower Door

Custom bent architectural curved glass

Single glazed units with safety tempered glass (the tempered glass is necessary for wet applications) are among the most popular bent glass items.  For optimal clarity, bent glass is offered in a variety of thicknesses, designs, and even low iron units. Although this product may be tailored to a customer’s needs, doing so is somewhat pricey.

Standard curved glass enclosures

Developing conventional shower base systems and then producing the shaped glass in a production setting are two ways to reduce the price of curved glass. Such a product was created by the Montreal, Canada-based firm Fleurco. They started by designing curved acrylic bases in common sizes. Arc, Round, Corner Slice, Corner Wedge, Bowfront, and Roman Half-Curved are the names of these bases. The firm then created shower enclosures using these distinctive designs that range in price from moderately priced systems to high-end luxury showers.

Curved glass block

Glass blocks have advanced significantly. Only square blocks were available in the past, and they were typically employed inside window or wall openings. Today, thinly formed components can be used to build a gracefully curving wall. Even clear patterns of these thin, shaped stones are offered to showcase the shower’s interior stone or tile work.

Uses of a Curved Glass Enclosures

The key term in the new era of curved showers is flexibility. There is a stylish range available whether you want a walk-in shower or one with a door. The Bowfront and Roman half-curved units are two examples of units that may be placed in “alcove” locations where they are encircled by three internal walls. These units are built to fit a variety of sizes and can also be placed in the corner of a room. You can select either framed or frameless shower glass solutions.

Types of Curved Glass Enclosures that Cost the Least

In remodeling or new building projects, sometimes our eyes are drawn to what appears cool, but our dreams might be disappointed when we learn the price. Check these curved glass systems, which come in standard designs with matching shower bases, if you’re searching for a cost-effective curved enclosure that won’t break the bank. Radius glass block walls are still another economical choice. Compared to custom-bent glass, they are often far less expensive.

Pros of Having a Curved Shower Door

Great for small spaces

When opened, a curved shower door does not make the shower bigger. As a result, it is a popular choice for bathrooms that don’t have a lot of accessible space but yet want a full-size shower. They may also be positioned next to a vanity or toilet without running the danger of damaging them when the door is opened because the shower only requires a tiny amount of space. In contrast, a pivot door would impact in this scenario and perhaps inflict damage.


These showers are less expensive than pivot door or sliding door showers because of the tiny glass panels and thinner 6mm safety glass. Curved showers are thus a desirable choice for purchasers on a tight budget. If a full-size 1950mm-high shower is not necessary in your scenario, they are also available in a variety of heights to save even more money.

Wide door opening

Curved showers don’t necessarily have a tiny entrance, even though they take up less room than pivot or sliding door showers. Curved showers nonetheless offer an expansive opening because of the twin opening doors. A 900 x 900 curved shower, for instance, has a 540mm opening, which is a suitable size for an adult to pass through. If the wheel track is kept clear of any debris, the rollers operate quietly. Additionally, two rollers on top and two on bottom of the door provide a secure and safe fit.

Cons of Having a Curved Shower Door

Rollers can become jammed on objects on rail

The roller tracks in your curved shower will become clogged with dirt if they are not properly maintained, which will result in loud and stiff rollers. When this occurs, the rollers are unable to operate properly, and because of the uneven wear they experience, they may eventually break.

Difficult installation

Since there are more moving parts in a pivot door shower during installation, it might be simple to lose components like rollers and screw packs. Curved showers also contain four independent glass panels, as opposed to only two in a two-sided pivot shower. As a result, installing curved showers may take longer than installing showers with pivot doors.

Difficult to clean

Cleaning the interior of roller channels may be challenging. If neglected for more than six months, soap scum and mildew can accumulate and prevent the rollers from working properly. By using a brush to scrub the channels’ inside once every six months, this may be avoided. Due of the modest glass panels and surface area, the remainder of the shower is simple to clean. For those who need a shower with a limited surface area, cheap cost, and a large aperture, a curved shower is often the best choice. However, there are a few drawbacks to having a curved shower that can help customers decide if it’s the right option for their bathroom.


In conclusion, a curved shower door has a number of characteristics and advantages. Because of its curved shape, it can fit into even the smallest bathroom areas while adding to the visual appeal of any bathroom with its exquisite and modern design. These doors also include premium building materials that are long-lasting and durable. They give a more secure and waterproof seal to avoid water damage, are simple to clean and maintain, and have other advantages. Overall, a curved shower door adds both utility and flair to any bathroom renovation project, making it a great investment.

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