What are the features and benefits of Bi-fold Shower Doors?

A door that separates into segmented panels is called a folding door. A folding door that uses two panels is known as a “bi-fold door.” These doors function because their panels may slide and hinge, enabling them to fill a doorway or condense into a small area by folding inward like a concertina. Since they don’t need to swing open or slide along a wall, they are frequently utilized in shower enclosures since they conserve a lot of room. They are therefore perfect for bathrooms with limited space or those with an alcove-style shower system. A bi-fold door is a great option if you want a fashionable and space-saving shower door.

Features of a Bi-fold Shower Door

Knowing exactly how bi-fold doors can benefit your home will help you decide whether to install them. Bi-fold doors differ from conventional doors in a variety of ways. For more information, keep reading.


Bi-fold doors are made of slender (wood, vinyl, or aluminum) frames that enclose a lot of glass by design. Only some varieties of glass are appropriate since they are mostly made of glass. You’ll need to make choices on the precise type of glass you desire when purchasing bi-fold doors. 

Double glazing and triple glazing

Normally, double glazing is included with bi-fold doors as standard, but you may upgrade to triple glazing if you’d like. They both operate in the same manner. A sealed cavity (or cavities) that are filled with air or a noble gas like argon or krypton are surrounded by glass panes. This method keeps the space well-insulated by preventing the movement of heat or cold from the inside of the house to the outside.

Safety glass

Folding doors must have enhanced safety glazing since certain glass is easily broken. This is generally stated in building codes. The purpose of the safety glass is to both keep the house secure and safeguard the occupants in the event that the glass does shatter. Toughened glass, often known as tempered glass, or laminated glass are both examples of safety glazing. Both forms of glass are intended to be shatterproof, so when they do break, there is less likelihood that someone may be hurt by shards. Although there are many bi-fold doors available with toughened glass, laminated glass is usually a preferable choice.

Noise reduction glass

Regardless of the type of glass used, double and triple glazing are particularly effective at reducing noise because of their design, which involves two or three panes of glass containing one or more plastic interlayers. However, it becomes more efficient when laminated glass is used. This is due to the fact that laminated glass interrupts noise by altering its frequency, reflects sound back in the direction it originated from, and absorbs noise inside.

low-E glass 

A very thin, transparent coating that prevents heat loss from bi-fold door glass is an option. Low-emissivity (low-E) glass is what it is known as, and it is substantially more energy efficient than regular glass. Additionally, the unique coating reduces the amount of ultraviolet (UV) and infrared light that may pass through the glass and into the house. By obstructing this sort of natural light, rooms are less stuffy in the summer and uncomfortable in the winter.

Thermal Breaks

Bi-fold doors are made to be particularly effective at keeping heat inside your home and keeping cold air outside. The term for this is thermal efficiency. The U-factor is a unit of measurement for determining how thermally efficient folding door systems are. This number indicates how well the doors block heat flow and act as insulation by measuring the rate at which heat moves through one square meter of material. The energy efficiency of the doors increases with decreasing U-factor. 

In particular, the U-factor is crucial for aluminum bi-fold doors. Aluminum can pull heat from a space or bring heat in from the outside since it is a natural conductor. They are equipped with a thermal break, a thermally effective element that divides the interior from the exterior of the door, to prevent this.

Weathered and Non-weathered Thresholds

The door’s bottom portion, or threshold, is the track down which the doors move to operate smoothly. You often have the option of a weathered or non-weathered threshold with bi-fold doors.

A non-weathered (level) threshold has no step or lip and is totally flush with the floor. Some customers prefer that the route connecting their bi-fold patio doors to their outdoor living area be completely level. Since there is no chance of anyone falling, a level barrier can also be safer. Level thresholds do not, however, ensure that water will not enter. A weathered threshold, on the other hand, is slightly elevated above the ground and is intended to offer better defense against rain and bad weather. We advise using weathered thresholds outside.

Child-Safety Features

Look for bi-fold doors with finger-safe, child-proof gaskets because young kids do have a propensity of sticking their fingers in areas they shouldn’t. The ability to fold back and open bi-fold doors may be the major justification for installing them. Bi-folds are held firmly in place while the doors are open by a magnetic catch, also known as a magnetic keep.

Security Features

The majority of bi-fold doors come equipped with multi-point locking mechanisms. Around the frame and track, these devices secure the doors at various locations. You’ll discover that various manufacturers of bi-fold doors provide various systems—some with five points, six points, or, like Origin, eight points.

The handle used to be thought of as one of the weakest and most exposed parts of a door. However, modern bi-fold doors frequently include robust, heavy-duty metal lever handles that are made to withstand forceful assaults from burglars.


Bi-fold doors can be set up such that all of the panels open in the same direction or that some panels open in one direction and others in the other. For instance, a six-panel door could have three panels that open to the left and three panels that open to the right. Additionally, you may choose whether your doors open inside or outward. Opening in denotes that your home will need room for the doors to open into and fold back into. The doors will open onto your yard or another outdoor area when they are “opened out.”

Benefits of Bi-fold Shower Door

Bathroom shower with door

Any room would benefit greatly from the installation of bifold doors, which would provide a stunning contemporary atmosphere in which to relax, work, and play. It may act as the main point of any lounge, dining extension, or kitchen and is the most efficient method to open up your house without reducing the amount of open space you can bring in. Here are just a handful of the many factors that make folding glass doors a great home remodeling option:

They easily import natural light into your home

Folding doors let the most sunshine into your house, whether they are open or closed, converting a typically dark room into a sanctuary brimming with love, light, and life that encourages you to stay there longer. More than just enhancing the feeling of spaciousness in your house, this special capacity to fill it with natural light has been shown to have a good impact on the wellbeing of the residents.

They give a seamless living effect

Our frameless folding glass doors, unlike conventional sliding doors, fold immediately back to provide extra space, so you don’t need to go outdoors to feel free. While still taking use of your outside environment, you may enjoy the comfort of being indoors. A major draw of bifold doors is that they offer a smooth visual and physical connection to the outside. In the summer, you may even give the idea that you are in an outdoor environment.

They barely take up space

Folding doors take up minimal space when opened, virtually interrupting the natural flow of open-plan architecture. Unlike patio doors, which must be stopped by a door or piece of furniture while they are open. Bifold doors may be folded back on themselves to provide significantly more room along walls and entrances. As a result, you may consider them from two perspectives: they add room to your home while taking up minimal space. Everything depends on your viewpoint and the season in which you are.

They are very flexible

A set of bi-fold doors may be opened to any width inside the frame and you can decide where the leaves divide. They can open into a room (or out of it) and fold in so many different directions, making them far more adaptable than a sliding or regular door.

They give a high level of security

Because of its high-security hinges, multi-point locking mechanisms, and internally beaded frames, bi-fold doors provide a higher level of security. Other types of glass doors, however, frequently have just one point of security. A specific business sells glass that is five times stronger than standard glass and can be secured from the inside.

They are simple and easy to maintain

Bifold doors require routine cleaning with water and soap, much like the majority of other glass windows and doors, to maintain their pristine appearance. They are typically simpler to clean than other door kinds, though, and you can just sit back and enjoy the view through them because they don’t have many panes or frames. Aluminum bifold doors require very minimal maintenance, however timber bifold doors may need more care to keep them in good shape.

They allure of large glass panes

If you’ve ever been in a loft or penthouse with sliding doors, French doors, or regular curtain walls and found yourself unable to look away from the captivating view, you know that bifold doors may have an impact that is at least similar to, if not identical to, that. You have your own loft when you install bifold doors on a first or second floor with an elevated base, don’t you think?


Bifold doors are a frequent phrase, but it can be challenging to comprehend exactly what they are and how they might be beneficial. This article, however, should clarify some of the finer points of this incredibly adaptable door style, as well as how and where it may be helpful in the house and other sorts of structures.