What are the factors to keep in mind when renovating your kitchen?

Australians are investing a billion dollars on renovations each month, thanks to a boom fueled in part by government support during COVID, which has seen the rate of home improvements reach new highs. In March, over 2050 home renovations worth a total of AUD 354 million were allowed in NSW, up from 1850 granted in February, for a value of AUD 317 million. The restoration craze is spreading across the country. According to the 2016 census, there are over 101,475 dwellings in Northern Beaches, occupied and unoccupied, implying the region goes through frequent home renovations. Out of all the renovations, kitchen renovations in Northern Beaches might be one of the most important tasks one will ever undertake for their house, if done correctly.

The remodelling process can be intimidating for people who have never done a kitchen renovation before. While gathering research, accessing ideas online, and inspecting pieces at your nearby shop may sound appealing, it’s critical to consider the big picture before moving further. The following are among the factors you should consider before remodelling your kitchen.

1. Hire a professional to assist you.

Adopt a bespoke kitchen if you don’t want your kitchen to appear like everyone else’s. Professional designers take the time to get to know your taste to help you realize your dream kitchen.

2. Establish a Budget

The easiest method to ensure that you don’t waste too much of your cash on your kitchen makeover is to set aside money before you get started. Determine your desired budget and the amount of leeway you have to go above it. You can even save cash on your remodelling project this way.

3. Establish a timeline

Make sure to set a deadline in addition to a strict budget. Consider how long you could live in a makeshift kitchen. Do you require the renovation work to be completed within four weeks? Couldn’t you make it eight instead? There’s a lot to think about when redoing a kitchen, so make sure your redesign is well-planned, so you don’t have to rearrange plans at the last minute.

4. Determine if any permits are required.

Keep in mind that some upgrades will necessitate the approval of the city authority. If you don’t have these, you’ll have trouble refinancing or selling your property because purchasers and lenders will want to make sure your modifications adhere to building laws and regulations.

5. Inspect the Plumbing

Consider whether any piping will have to be relocated when planning your kitchen remodelling. While you may have specific pieces in mind, it’s critical to double-check that the relevant pipes can be moved to the precise locations.

6. Consider Your Storage Options

Consider where you’ll put your appliances in your kitchen if you have the opportunity. You’re likely to preserve the bulk of what you have in addition to purchasing new appliances and cooking utensils. Determine how much space you require and look for automated storage ideas for more ideas.

There are several ways to ensure that your kitchen remodel does not spiral out of control; all you have to do is set some ground rules. Your kitchen renovations in Northern Beaches will go smoothly with just a little planning, and you’ll also be able to finish it on time and within budget. However, don’t forget to set aside some extra money if your project throws you a curveball!

Author: Alison Lurie