What Are The Different Types Of Cocktail Dresses?

Dressing up for a particular event can be stressful, especially for the ladies. And this can be even more challenging if dress codes are required. Your mind typically begins to wonder what kind of cocktail attire you should wear at the party as soon as you learn that you must wear one from an invitation you have received. However, this is no longer the case. Browse women clothing NZ, choose a dress, and showcase your best cocktail or semi-formal apparel.

First, you should know that a typical cocktail attire comes in three apparels, namely: the cocktail dress; the cocktail shoes; and of course, the cocktail accessories. However, we are going to talk about the cocktail dresses and their different types for different occasions in the meantime. And this should serve as guiding principles to all women out there who are having the same problem.

So you better sit down for a couple of minutes and note these things down just before you turn your closet upside-down or probably cram at the nearby store searching for that perfect custom made dresses. Remember, a well-informed person always has the best decisions.

Cocktail Dresses

Finding the perfect cocktail dress for that party or event can be overwhelming. It’s when you go to a store and try to look for a dress, it would seem there are dozen of them to choose from. With all those odds, you should be able to narrow this down depending on the kind of occasion and season you are going to attend.

Dressing for the Occasion

Formal Cocktail Attire

In case you have an upcoming event, whether in your company or other social gatherings, that requires formal attire, then you couldn’t be wrong to wear an LBD. A little black dress or LBD should be your guide for formal cocktail attire; just remember to check for the right fit that goes well with your size and body shape. Good quality dress should be considered as well, with the right match of sleeky accessories.

Festive Cocktail Attire

A festive event can usually happen during the holidays or Christmas. So dressing up for these events should be glamorous. Bold and vivid colors should be your hint when heading out at Christmas parties or even New Year’s Eve.

Beach Cocktail Attire

This kind of event can be difficult because of the environment. What you wear in the event should properly match the location and still satisfy the dress code of wearing a cocktail. So for beach cocktail attires, always remember to pick a cocktail that is not restrictive and comfortable. In terms of color, sunny or light, vibrant colors should be the best match.

Business Cocktail Attire

This kind of attire can be challenging since there are two factors that you need to weigh in. The fact that you need to go to an office, but you don’t want to dress like you’re going to it. And the fact that you need to wear a cocktail, but you don’t want to look inappropriate. Well, to ease that anxiety, the best match for these kinds of events is to wear a sophisticated dress with branded accessories.

Garden Cocktail Attire

For any events and parties held in a garden setting, the first thing that should pop out in your mind is “floral.” You can never be wrong to wear a floral cocktail dress to a garden party. Just pair it with pretty accessories with light colors.

Casual Cocktail Attire

Casual cocktail attires are somewhat the opposite of formal attires. When going to events like this, you should wear dresses with a relaxed tone. To achieve the relaxed vibe you are looking for, a loose dress should be perfectly right while partnered with simple girly accessories.

Wedding Cocktail Attire

Wedding events would require semi-formal attires, so it would be inappropriate if you simply hand-picked an LBD for this occasion. Try to check for color motifs as well since these events usually have their “color codes” for their guests. After checking for the right color to wear, then it is the right time to pick a dress. Now, if there are no “color codes” required for the attire, then it will be just right to simply pick a dress with lace and chiffon in any light color.

Dressing for the Season

Summer Cocktail Attire

The summer cocktail attire is quite common in women’s wardrobes. But to be sure, simply pick a sunny dress for this kind of occasion with light-colored accessories, and you should go well just fine.

Winter Cocktail Attire

To nail this kind of event, you should consider wearing winter cocktail attire that should be dark-colored. Any dark shade color should do, but you may prefer black or navy. Also, be mindful of the temperature, so try to pick dresses with sleeves in thick material. For cold events, you can pair your dress with a dark coat.

How to Choose a Cocktail Dress for Your Body Type

When choosing a cocktail dress for your body, you should aim to choose one that highlights your best features and balances out your body proportion. Depending on your body shape, you may highlight your waist or hips. At the same time, the right cocktail dress can help camouflage problem areas or parts of your body you are conscious about. To be able to create an illusion of symmetry, it is essential that you dress for your body type. 

Pear Shape

A pear-shaped body means you have a smaller upper body, shoulders and bust compared to your lower body. If you have this body, your hips will likely be wider, and your shoulders will be narrow. To accentuate this shape, you should try to highlight your shoulders and collarbones by choosing a dress that draws attention to your shoulders. Halter necks, sleeveless and strapless dresses are perfect for balancing your proportions. 

Rectangular Shape

If you have a rectangular shape, you will likely have thin thighs, narrow hips and shoulders, with a small bust. Since this body shape is straight and has no curves, you should opt for dresses that create illusions of curves and a feminine physique. Dresses with empire waists are perfect for rectangular body shapes because they add volume above and below your midriff. 

Hourglass Shape

The hourglass shape is perhaps the most proportionate feminine shape, with an evenly balanced bust and hips. If you have a clearly defined waistline with an average to full bust, you have an hourglass body shape, which you should dress in clothes that enhance your waist and curves. You can opt for short bodycon and bandage dresses that will help improve your silhouette. 

Inverted Triangle Shape

Suppose you have broad shoulders, an abundant bust, a narrow waist and slender legs. In that case, you likely have an inverted triangle shape. To dress this body size, you should add volume to your hip area and draw attention away from your upper body, as this will help balance your proportions. Additionally, highlighting the waistline will help create the illusion of an hourglass figure, which is considered ideal. 


A cocktail dress is a semi-formal dress that can help enhance your beauty at fancier events such as wedding receptions and other events. However, they are more fun, typically shorter and falling below the knee. To pull off a cocktail dress, it is vital that you choose a dress that fits you and your body type best.