What Are the Different Types of Blenders?

Did it ever cross your mind that you have a majority of kitchen equipment, but you do not have a blender? You would love to have one, but there are several types of blender available in the market, and you feel pretty overwhelmed finding the right one that will fit your needs. If you want a good blender, you need to know more about the different types and functionality. That is why in this article, we are going to walk you through the different types of blenders and their uses. 

Single Serve Blenders


This type of blender is becoming more popular because it can make both double and single-serve drinks. Single-serve blenders are small and compact, but they are powerful. This type of blender can blend different kinds of food in a snap. That is why it’s perfect if you’re always on the go. As we mentioned, it can combine raw foods and turn them into smooth, rummy drinks, which means that you can use it to chop fruits, nuts, ice, and a lot more. You can also use single-serve blenders to make vinaigrettes, sauces, smoothies, and even your baby’s food. 

Immersion Blenders


Immersion blenders have a simple but unique design that can blend large chunks. You can use this type of blender with a wide-rimmed glass, mason jar, or any enclosed container because all you have to do is hold its stick-like design with your hand and press a button to start blending. Just like other portable blenders, immersion blenders are also suitable for those who are on the go. 

As we mentioned, immersion blenders have a simple design which makes them easy to clean. You will only have to deal with cleaning one blade using warm water and wiping it clean, and then you’re done. Some immersion blenders have high-power capabilities that allow them to mix or blend fluids such as soup and other hot liquids. 

Keep in mind that while this blender is practical because it’s powerful and easy to use, it can also be tiresome in the long run, especially if you have weak arms. 

Travel Blenders


Just like single-serve blenders, travel blenders are also gaining popularity in the blending market. This blender has a glass tube and a base that holds its blades and motor to slice your food. As its name implies, travel blenders are lightweight and portable blenders that are perfect for travelers. You can bring this anywhere because it can fit in your luggage or bag. Portable or travel blenders are ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts because they can make yummy smoothies and protein shakes by whipping them while shaking. If you have a baby, then a travel blender can help you whip up some fast baby food, especially when traveling. 

Commercial Blenders

If you are looking for a blender with high power capabilities, this is the perfect blender type. Commercial blenders have a similar design to some countertop blenders, but they are stronger because they can withstand daily use. There are large and compact models of commercial blenders, but it is often used at bars and restaurants where their power meets the customers’ demands. 

Commercial blenders have a powerful motor and sharp blades that can blend tough foods. Keep in mind that most commercial blenders that are available in the market are heavy-duty because of the material they are made of, which is why you cannot move them around as frequently as a countertop blender. You can use commercial bends to blend food and drinks, grind chilies, or make a smoothie or a sauce. 

Countertop Blenders


This is probably the most common type of blender, and as its name suggests, this type of blender is supposed to be placed on your kitchen counter. It usually comes with a lid to prevent the ingredients that you’re blending from flying off. Most countertop blenders have a 2 liters capacity, which is the perfect size for blending large amounts of juice at your home’s comfort. Countertop blenders have enough power to grind tough ice and other foods smoothly. Expect that you will get a smooth blend in minutes, or if you can wait a little longer, you will definitely be rewarded with a smoother drink. Countertop blenders also come with several speed options that allow you to easily adjust their blending speed for you to come up with the perfect blend. 

However, countertop blenders can be a bit expensive and can be noisy, too. That is why if you’re using this type of blender, you might want to set a time for blending so that you will not disturb your family or neighbors. 

Stand Blenders or Mixers


If you’re going to look at it, stand blenders are more like hand mixers, just more extensive and more powerful. But, experts say that stand blenders lie between countertop blenders and hand blenders. Well, this type of blender offers a powerful help, especially if you’re blending. It also has several attachment and speed options as well as several attachments.

You can easily convert stand mixers from a standard mixer to something that can help you make delicious meals in your kitchen. Stand mixers are powerful enough to cut through the sticky and thick dough, and they can also produce a smooth one that can significantly affect your end cooking results. However, unlike immersion blenders or countertop blenders, stand mixers are usually bulky, which is why it is perfect for people who like to bake. They are also quite hard to clean, especially if you use them to make sticky and heavy dough. 

Several types of blenders are available in the market today. Each one of them matches the needs of different users, and they all come with different blades, capacities, and attachment options that can all affect the blender’s performance. Now, it’s your turn to pick the blender that you need. Consider using a blender to make soft foods your child will love. Keep in mind that you should factor in your preferences as well as your budget before purchasing a blender.