What are some Recipes that are also Immunity Boosters?

Argue health-conscious, but also consider yourself a bit of a gourmet as well? Do you like to eat, and want your meals to be filling, satisfying and healthy all three? It’s not impossible, it is solely a prejudice of the mind that healthy eating and good eating are mutually-exclusive things. In fact, pretty much all modern dining, with exceptions of particularly-unhealthy fast foods, stem from traditions that were originally far healthier than their modern incarnations.

So, on top of a recommendation to order health supplements online, as well as order vitamins online, which will help improve your immunity even further, let’s look at some common recipes that you will probably love, and which are excellent immunity boosters!

Citrus is a superfood!

So, most people have some inkling regarding the benefits of citrus, being a source of vitamin C. Vitamin C, in turn, is a colossal immuno booster, on top of helping to prevent scurvy.

Mandarin orange salad: Liven up your salads with mandarin oranges, a delightfully tart and slightly savory variety of orange readily available throughout the world. It appears excellently with mixed greens, and even some protein from a delightful cold chicken, lean beef or even roasted salmon. Throw in a light vinaigrette, and you have a very satisfying, immuno boosting salad.

Orange chicken with ginger: Ginger is in immuno boosting superfood in and of itself, so really, working with ginger in general is a great way to boost your immune system, while enjoying a pungent, flavorful seasoning. Boring shaken, cooked in a delightful sauce dripping with vitamin C as well as the crisp spice of ginger, is a celebration for your taste buds, and one that will leave you feeling healthy, despite how sinfully-sweet it may taste.

Chicken soup for the soul?

You’ve heard the saying that chicken soup is good for you, especially when suffering for something like the flu, a cold or other nasty infections. Well, this isn’t a myth. And for a long time, why it was so powerful was a mystery. But, this isn’t limited to chicken soup, it turns out that bone broths in general are excellent for boosting the human immune system. Here are some more creative ways to incorporate bone broth that you may rather enjoy.

Hardy chicken and vegetable soup: Let’s start with chicken soup, which many of us in the developed world have conflated with thin, salty canned soup over the years. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way! You can make a hearty chicken soup with mouthfuls of delicious actual chicken, healthy broth, as well as equally healthy vegetables like carrots, peas, or my personal favorite, celery. Throw in a little bit of cumin or maybe some turmeric, which is also excellent for the immune system, and maybe some whole-grain noodles, and you have a delightful chicken soup that will make you never want the canned stuff again.

Greek chicken and rice soup: A lot of people haven’t heard of the soup, but I tried it in a Greek restaurant wants, and I immediately had to have a recipe for. This soup, made with chicken broth, actual chicken, long-grain, healthy rice and a delightful hint of lemon, is probably one of the best soups for your immune system. It’s a little heavier on the carbs, but if you choose the right rice, that’s not so much of an issue.

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