Wearing the Right Gym Wear

When you are working out at the gym or at home, heading out on the track, or going out on the roads, one of the most important things to think about is your gym wear. It can make all the difference between being comfortable and cool as you work up a sweat, or feeling horrible, experiencing chafing and getting too hot. This is more of a factor than a lot of people realise. You might be able to throw on anything and head to the gym, but when you wear more quality gym fashion such as Muscle Nation and you are more comfortable you are going to work out more and stick with your healthy fitness regime.

Getting the right fabric

There are some fabrics you should choose over others for being very active in. Some get heavy and soak when you sweat heavily in them, some pull the sweat away from your skin. To get the best fabrics out there for your gym wear, wholesale activewear suppliers offer high quality materials and deliver the finished product on time.

Find fabrics that promise to wick

When you are looking at clothing for exercise you should explore breathable synthetics rather than cotton. These do something called wicking, they pull the sweat away from your skin so you are not uncomfortable and they help it evaporate more quickly so you stay cool. The best fabrics for tops and even gym tights are things that contain Supplex, Coolmax or other polypropylene materials.

When you wear cotton clothing to work out in, it absorbs the sweat from your body not helping to pull the moisture away and evaporate it, so not helping to keep you cool. It also means the cotton hangs heavy with all that sweat and it feels uncomfortable and heavy. Avoid non-breathable materials as well, clothes made from plastic-based and rubber-based fabrics for example. They do not let air circulate or create any ventilation and so the body’s sweat is not able to effectively evaporate and you stay overheated.

Tips for different activities

When you are choosing clothing, from gym tights to shorts, tank tops to long-sleeve layers for all-weather, you need to make sure its suits the activity you are doing. Layers make sense on a bike in the cold outside. Leggings or tights are great for weight lifting, yoga and pilates. Loose baggy pants are not a good idea on a bike or when running as you can get tangled in them. For Yoga and Pilates as well as choosing more fitting clothing you want wicking fabrics too.

Another factor if you are not working out inside all the time is the weather and the conditions outside. Shorts and a Muscle Nation top might work in the gym or in your home gym but you might need more clothing outside. You still need to keep in mind ventilation when it is hot out and remember to stay hydrated. With the cold, you might choose layers rather than very thick clothing items. They are easier to put more on or take some off depending on how you feel as you run or cycle.