Wall Décor Ideas for Moms: How to create a Wall Gallery in 5 Simple Steps

Who says you need to splurge a million dollars on your interior décor to spruce up your space? With the right collection of art, prints, and photographs, you can create a wall gallery that speaks volumes of your personality while acting as the focal point of your home.

However, many moms lack the knowledge needed to create jaw-dropping wall galleries. If you are one of them, don’t fret. This post is for you. Below are tips on how to create an eye-catching wall gallery.

1. Collect until you’ve had enough

Want to make an awe-inspiring and beautiful wall gallery that makes visitors’ eyes glued to your walls? You need to gather collections first. To do this, you can visit Bruce Davidson photography to source beautiful photography you love.

While collecting art, prints, and photographs, consider the size of your possible collection, including the layout you want. Do you want all of them to have similar sizes? Or do you want something in different sizes? Take inspiration online, in magazines, your favorite restaurants, exhibitions, etc.

2. Make a theme

After you’ve made a collection of things, you love what next? Of course, you won’t want to create a wall gallery with numerous collections. So the next step here is to select your favorite and group them by theme. The theme could be family, vacations, maternity, happy events, etc.

If you are selecting beautiful art or prints, select those with colors that match your room decoration or the tone of the room you want to hang them in. Or you can just go with any mix that gives you joy. That’s what matters.

3. Odd or even?

After creating a theme, you’ll have to choose between odd and even numbers. Sometimes even numbers are ideal, especially in controlled groups of similar sizes.

However, if you decide to go for random arrangements or collections we recommend sticking with odd numbers. The goal is to create a balance.

4, Measure up

Next, measure your wall and place your collections on the floor. Move back and take a birds eye view of them. Does anything seem weird or out of place? If so, remove it. Or is there extra space for you to add extra collections? Take a picture of your potential combinations.

5. Select your frames

Are you happy with the arrangement? If yes, grab your frames. You need to choose how you want them: do you want them to blend in or contrast with the wall where they’ll be displayed? Or do you want them to be unique? Decide if you want them in the same or different colors.

While a white or neutral frame is ideal for Scandi-style interiors, black picture frames are perfect for modern or industrial-themed interiors. To spruce things up a bit, you can consider gathering different styles of frames in similar colors; this can also add interest. Are they going to be the same or different sizes? If you are purchasing artwork from the art shop, it might be easier to buy already-framed pieces.


The goal of creating a wall gallery is to beautify your space. While doing that, ensure that there is a balance between the elements of your wall gallery and your room decoration. You want to ensure that the décor items in your space are uniform in terms of design and color.