Useful Tips To Dress Up The Right Way When Playing Golf

Golf is a sport enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Due to the pandemic, most golf courses and clubs have been closed for quite a while. Now, with social distancing restrictions being lifted, they’re able to open their doors again.

If you’re going to be getting involved in golf, then you must try to look the part. While there aren’t really any rules specifying what you have to wear at a golf club, there are unspoken expectations, especially at private golf clubs.

This article will tell you a few useful tips that’ll help you to dress up the right way when you’re playing golf:

Buy Some Khakis

If you’re going to be playing golf at a course regularly, then you’ll need to invest in a smart pair of khakis. Khakis look both professional and casual, and you can wear them with more or less anything. They’re also lightweight, which means that you can play golf for a long time without feeling weighed down or uncomfortable. They’re a very popular choice among golfers. If you wear khakis to a club or course, you’ll fit right in.

And Some Shorts…

In the summer, you might not want to wear khakis. Instead of wearing khakis, you can wear a pair of golf shorts, which come in a variety of colors, fabrics, and patterns. Most golfers wear khaki golf shorts. Golf shorts for comfortable playing are a must-have item in your golfing wardrobe, especially during hot summer days when the weather is too warm for khakis. Alternatively, you can invest in a pair of plaid or madras golfing shorts. You do need to make sure that your shorts are the right length, however.

Shorts should be cut off just above the kneecap. If you wear shorts that are longer than that, you’ll look sloppy, underdressed, and unprofessional. Don’t ever wear three-quarter length shorts to a golf course – especially a private one. Most private golf clubs actually have rules restricting members from wearing them.

Carefully Choose Your Shoes

The shoes that you choose to wear are just as important as your khakis or as your shorts. Ideally, your shoes should have soft spikes. Golf shoes with soft spikes provide both comfort and stability. It can’t be stressed enough that you make sure that your shoes fit perfectly. If you wear golf shoes that are too small for you, your feet will end up hurting by the end of the day.

Tennis shoes, sneakers, and boots are prohibited from most golf courses. If you’re joining a private golf club, they’ll expect you to wear leather golf shoes.


Ankle-Length Socks

As with everything else in golf, you need to look smart, presentable, and professional. You don’t want to wear socks that are too long – but conversely, you don’t want to wear socks that are too short. Your socks should come just up to your ankle – and no higher. Make sure that your socks fit properly so that they don’t slide down or become bunched up while you’re playing.

Fitted Clothing

When you’re playing golf, you should make sure that you wear fitted clothing. Oversized, baggy clothes can interfere with your swing. They can also make you look very unprofessional. You could be turned away from a golf club for wearing clothes that are too large for you. Wear fitted, trim clothes that make you look professional.

Polo Shirts and OCBDs

Polo shirts and OCBDs are a great addition to your wardrobe. You’ll find them in more or less every golfer’s collection. They allow breathability and are flexible. Polo shirts are particularly useful, especially on hot summer days. OCBDs are better for colder days, layered underneath a Shetland jumper. They’re smart, presentable, and look great. Instead of turning up to the golf club in a T-shirt, invest in some polo shirts and OCBDs.

In most golf clubs, collarless shirts are not allowed. This means that you’ll be left with no option other than to buy polo shirts. They’re usually quite affordable, and some in a variety of different colours and fabrics. As for OCBDs, navy, and white are always best.

Wearing Hats

Most golfers wear hats when they’re playing. Baseball-style caps are very popular, and they’re the most appropriate type of headwear that you can choose for a day on the course. They’ll keep the sun out of your eyes, and they’re permitted by all golf courses.

If you’re going to wear a hat, then you should keep it simple. Don’t wear hats that are overly bright and try to avoid patterns and pictures. Simple hats look the most professional. In some courses, you are also allowed to wear fisherman’s hats and straw hats.  

When you’re going golfing, you need to have the right clothes. This article should have told you everything that it is for you to know about buying the right golfing clothes. Have fun!