Useful Hacks That You Need To Know If You Are An Online Seller

When people begin to sell things over the internet, they quickly discover the competition. Markets are often saturated, resulting in an increasing pressure to drop prices. Sellers are desperate to get their products seen and to have their voices heard over their rivals’.

It’s not always working harder that’s the solution: sometimes it’s working smarter. Perhaps you are wanting to increase your sales, but are lacking the strategies. Let’s have a look at some great hacks to give your business a boost.

Get The Price Right

Pretend you’re an online customer, and look for your own product to see how much people are charging. Price comparison websites can really help because someone else has done the work for you. Remember that prices fluctuate, however, so don’t just set the price and forget about it.

There’s also help for people who sell things secondhand, such as on eBay. A visit to the specialist site at demonstrates that people are looking for free price-checking tools. They want to search listings for both sold and current items. They also want to know the prices for both new and used products. Such technology also benefits users of Grail and StockX.

Amazon sellers are able to use special online tools to help with their business. Whilst you have to pay for some of them, it may be worth the outlay. There’s an Amazon price-scanning app that can help ensure you will be making a profit once the postage and commission have been deducted. The Amazon repricer works 24/7 and automatically changes product costs according to market changes.

Bundle It Up

Supposing you are selling second-hand Playmobile or Lego characters. If you sell them individually, you’ll be doing a lot of despatch work for small amounts of money. If you group the items thematically, someone who planned to buy one toy may end up buying ten.

The same thing applies to videos. Why not group together some DC Comic or Marvel videos? If you’re selling ‘The Matrix,’ ‘Star Wars’ or ‘The Lord of the Rings,’ offer complete sets.

Choose The Best Platform For You 

You may be a specialist in one area, and enjoy blogging about it on your website. It may be wise for you to start dropshipping. Include affiliate links to other peoples’ products, and you’ll receive a commission. Don’t forget to explain that you’ll be receiving a small amount of money on each sale.

Someone else may prefer to create their own online shop and be happy to pay to do so. In this scenario, you could consider Shopify, BigCommerce, or Squarespace. You may also wish to consider having a physical shop as well. If you create digital pictures and designs, you may prefer to use Redbubble or Zazzle, who won’t charge you. These sites can host your products in exchange for a commission.

Many people choose to sell on Amazon because of the huge ready-made audience, and the help they can provide. It depends on your personal preference, and where you are on the journey.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

When you post product photos online, make sure there are several quality pictures. If you are selling a secondhand on eBay and something is slightly damaged, include a photo to show it.

If you use a misleading photo on eBay, people can return the item. They can also give you a bad seller review. Speaking of reviews, it’s good when you encourage your customers to post theirs online. This helps create transparency and trust.

Research SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Find out which search words people are using when they look for your items and then add them to your product title. This will increase your discoverability and click-through rate.

Don’t overstuff your product description with these search words, however. People have a greater interest in learning how your item will meet their needs. This is more important to them than the product specifications too.

Deliver In Style

Deliver In Style

It’s easier for huge companies like Amazon to offer free shipping, but harder for small ones. Always deliver on time.  Choose the best dropshipping company for delivery.

Why not include a flyer of some of your other products? If the person is happy with what they’ve received, they may come back to you.

Amazon likes to deliver on its promises, so make sure you don’t run out of stock whilst advertising.

These have been just a few hacks for you to think about. It’s great when a new strategy is used, and the sales increase as a result. You can make more money, and grow your business with excitement.